Monday, August 25, 2014

Robertson Frustrated But Alright After Blowing Save

When the usually-reliable David Robertson blew the Yankees' lead in yesterday's top of the ninth, it was clear to everyone who saw it happen that the event wasn't one he enjoyed. 

For the first time since June 1 against the Twins, as you probably already know, Robertson had failed to convert a save opportunity, a fact that fortunetaly didn't end up mattering thanks to Brian McCann's walk-off homer in the following frame.

Nonetheless, whenever a man on a contending team fails to do his job like that you have to imagine he'll be a little dissapointed, something #30 freely admitted to The New York Daily News after the victory.

“It’s frustrating because I really wanted to help us out at the end of the game,” he said. “Other guys had to go in. But it all worked out. It’s easier to shake that one off when you win a ball game.”

In the aforementioned June 1 disaster, interestingly, Robertson also surrendered a solo shot on the first pitch he threw, a mistake that eventually led to five more Minnesota runs.

Thankfully, though, those kind of struggles didn't transpire again Sunday, an overall unimpressive feat that's still definitely worth our acknowledgement.

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