Monday, August 25, 2014

Teixeira & Gardner Out w/ Injuries

The New York Yankees are facing a tough pitcher in James Shields tonight in Kauffman Stadium as the Yankees and Royals make up a previously rained out game from June. New York will not have Mark Teixeira and Brett Gardner in the lineup tonight as both are battling "nagging" injuries.

Teixeira has terrible numbers against James Shields in his career, who doesn't, and has been battling a nagging hamstring injury over the past couple of days. No word on whether he would be available in Detroit this coming week but if history is any indicator I would say Teix would at least miss the Tuesday night game just to be sure.

Gardner has been battling a sore ankle and will get at least one more day to rest it. This one I agree with as Gardner's biggest asset is his legs. He can't hit without his legs, he can't run without his legs, and he can't field without his legs. Not that I think Teixeira should play through a hamstring injury, I'm just saying.

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