Friday, November 14, 2014

Marlins and Stanton About To Make History

It's not official yet, but pretty soon Yankees fans can take solace in the fact that their team no longer has the highest paid player in baseball history*.

Jon Heyman was the first to report that the Marlins and Giancarlo Stanton are about to finalize a 13 year contract worth $325 million.

I'd be smiling pretty damn big too if I was about to make that much money.

It's hard to believe a team with a payroll under $50 million last season will pay one of their players $25 million (or that's what the average annual value of the deal would be), but if anybody in the league deserves that type of payday it's Giancarlo.

Stanton finished the 2014 season with a batting line of .288/.395/.555, to go along with 37 home runs. It was recently announced that he finished 2nd in National League Most Valuable Award voting behind Clayton Kershaw.

It's being said the not only will Stanton get the largest contract in baseball history, but his deal will include an opt-out clause. So the chances of seeing Giancarlo in pinstripes is not dead. Although, I'm afraid that it will be after the eighth year of his contract, when he'll be 35 years old and on the decline.

*Unfortunately, those same Yankees fans still have to come to terms with their team paying Alex Rodriguez $61 million over the next three years for next to nothing. 


  1. PORT JEFFERSON, NY :....$ 325 million dollars for 13 years ?

    The folks I've had many a beer with, in Port Jefferson, NY, are running around tonight saying " Jumpin' Jesus,.......$ 325 million for a ball player.! "
    They can not contemplate that number. Nor do I.

    Not as we, Yankee fans, that are now going through the Alex thing.

    Does not another team stop, and study what happens to large ( 13 year ) contracts.
    Things go south, quickly.
    Like your player just got hit in the face with a fast ball, last September ! He looked dead.
    And, now he is given a kings ransom. Jesus !

    I don't see enough of those guys, and the long legged beauties they chase, in Port Jefferson,
    But they are not dumb. They know what they speak.

    Jumpin' Jesus !.....and the next round is on me.

    1. 13 years is a long contract, because anything can happen Patrick. But Stanton just turned 25. 13 years puts him at 38 when it's over. Not quite as idiotic as giving a 32 year old a 10 year contract like Arod got. That being said, it will most likely turn bad. I've only seen one long term deal work out in a team's favor. That would be Mr Jeter's 10/$189. But again, he signed that as a 26 year old.

    2. Jeff beat me to it. You can give a long contract to a guy not even in his prime, it's silly to offer one to a man leaving his prime. Also with the opt out clause the Marlins future proof the deal. The way the market inflation has gone over the past 2-3 years Giancarlo will be underpaid in 8 seasons and will likely want more.

      Or at least he will want to go chase a ring in the latter part of his career.

  2. Jeff/ Contacts for the doomed........good evening, sir.
    13 years in this day and a risk.
    At $325 million....buyer beware !

    Don't sign Drew, or Elvis Andrus...same results.Disaster.
    Gardner, and a package will bring back a short stop.
    Sign Thomas, left field will take care of itself.

    Stay well / take care.

  3. Here's what I would do. And before anybody criticizes, remember this is never never land. I would buy ARod out and sign Headley. I would keep Gardner in left and sign Tomas to play right. Beltran would be my primary DH. And last, I would take a shot on that Korean shortstop. Solves all the positional problems except one. That would be Teix. Not sure what to do about him. I guess I would have a suitable backup at AAA. Bird or Roller should do. Then I would put Teix on the DL every time his sissy little nose ran.

    1. Jeff, That's Cold man!
      Other than signing Headley I agree! One thing that would bother me to no end is IF they buy out A-Rod and he goes to some other team and plays well...on our dime!

    2. Ken, I can't see another team taking on A Rod if we cut him or bought him out. People hated Barry Bonds and most of them would have him over for Thanksgiving before they would A Rod. Collusion would go unnoticed.

  4. Jeff..
    I think the Yankees hope that Alex can not play the field, ...and collect insurance monies.
    If that a perfect Gardner /Sanchez to the Cubs, for the short stop.
    Left field can be fixed quickly.....First base is another story.............lights out.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I forgot an ending..
      Stop being a Brett HATER! You hate the player right, that's why you want to get rid of him...right?
      Damn, that felt good. I had that label from 2009 to this day. The HATER.
      I know he is one of the guys we could move and get a needed return for, I just hate to have him leave after the hard work and showing-up the "So-Called Experts" he has done! LOL

  5. I'm not hating on ARod guys. I'm just leaning towards reality. What can we expect from him? By his own admission, he used steroids from 2010-2012. That leaves 2013, when he played 44 games due to his second hip surgery. If you actually believe that he didn't start using again until 2010, that makes 2009 his last injury/steroid free year. That was when he was a 35 year old!

    1. Jeff, you are a Yankee fan, a true Yankee Fan! I don't think anyone on this site is a A-Rod Hater (except possibly me). We all have to be realists, you are right, we don't know what to expect from him at all, but I do know if he can play baseball average or a bit above...for him...that will be very good for the team. Can he do it, I sure don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me if he does. I have said it many times, and will say it again..."He has (or had) the most God given talent, I have ever seen, since Mickey Mantle!
      I'll tell you another thing, he wants 3,000 hits and 715 HRs so he will go all out these last years! IF he can and his body holds up.
      The bad thing about it is...he really didn't need the drugs, he just thought he did! What a shame!


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