Saturday, January 24, 2015

OJ Mayo's Top 10 First Base Prospects

OJ Mayo of is at it again releasing his Top 10 prospects at every position and yesterday's position was first base. Naturally we wouldn't be here if a member of the Yankees didn't make the list but thankfully for us Greg Bird is the third best first baseman on the list. CLICK HERE for Mayo's complete list and see below for an excerpt from the article:

3. Greg Bird, Yankees
Speaking of patient hitters at the position, Bird led the Minors in walks in 2013 and has a career .407 on-base percentage heading into the 2015 season. While back issues have hampered him in the past, he's shown more than enough power for the position, including during an MVP performance in the Arizona Fall League in 2014.


  1. So now we have a first baseman in the top 5, a pitcher in the top 10, and a catcher just outside the top 10. I'm willing to bet that Refsnyder makes the top ten 2b list. Judge should also make the top 10 list. That gives us 5 pretty good prospects. Where are you Mr Hans? Still want to say the Yankees have a weak system?

    1. Yankees system remains very underrated. I have a post regarding this scheduled for today.

  2. Other then Hans, there weren't many that disagreed about the Yankees Farm System being among the top of the list. I think I said once, they were among the top 10...I trusted my memory too much on that one! Anyhow even if the are among the top 15 I'll be happy.
    After George bought the team our farm system moved from the bottom of the list much at all...until, George was suspended from baseball and Stick Michaels took over! He and Watson along with Showalter put some talent to work in there. One thing they had going for them was...NO George and NO Tampa interference at all.

    1. Hello Kenneth....Hope you are well. My world is getting a blizzard on Monday.

      Each year I say I'm going to go live in the Florida Keys, and walk their beaches.
      I should, but it puts another 1200 miles between us, and the grand children.
      Try to sell that one at home.

      Forget the ' Hans thing '.
      I had free time this weekend, so I put up many posts. No one posts here. No one.
      I put up humor / facts....and, its like I'm at a wake. I'm the one in the box.
      I go a bit nuts, and I reach out to recruit. Hans was not bad, just angry for stupid reasons.

      If Daniel does not jump in, to comment on posts....its almost sterile.

      Putting up a series of posts, and hearing echoes....reminds me of the last days at
      the great.. 'i -Yankees Site'. What a great place. Such minds.

      I don't know which direction to write any longer. I'm pissing into the wind.
      Take care, Ranger.

    2. Take it easy Irish, things will be picking up soon. The pitchers and catchers will be reporting in a few weeks.

      Nothing wrong with Hans, except maybe he uses something posted on a blog as his fact. Don't we all do that? Well, I hope not!

      Hell, I could post on my own Blog, I pitched in the Big Leagues! For truth, there was a pitcher in the majors that had the same first and last name as my real name!

      We could use Hans, he was alright and nobody can say he didn't stir the pot a bit! I actually liked having him around.

      We still have you an Irishman, Daniel (when I make a mistake), Jeff (when he wants to disagree and call me names)...just kidding Jeff!

      Say Hi, to Ann for me! And move you white ass to the Florida Keys...old age comes too soon the kids can take care of themselves.

      Three more years we go to the Southwest and live there...IF I am still around by then. LOL
      The boss can retire in less than 3 years. She is such a penny pincher, she wants her full retirement. We have more than we need for a move to Nevada, New Mexico or Arizona! I like the Hot and Dry of the Southwest!

      Stay hard, Irishman!

    3. Copy your last.......Dog soldier.

    4. Damn, thought I could slip that one by you Irish!
      In truth, we use to say that to the guys, meaning...stay alert and ready!

  3. Hey, every group of people has to have an antagonistic a$$! I'm just doing my part Ken!

    1. I should hope so Jeff, you have a good hand with your comments! I have no complaints of anyone around here at all...even Hans!
      Life is too short, have fun on the site and comments are always welcome, as you well know.

  4. I've made it highly recommended to new writers that if you're going to write here you have to comment in the comments section. We will see if that helps at all.

    1. Good thing I thought of that Daniel!
      Er, almost anyhow!

  5. Hope you all are well and surviving that blizzard up there. Weather man got ours wrong, we didn't get our 1/2 inch we were expecting (and the natives were freaking out about).


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