Saturday, January 24, 2015

Remembering Bud Selig as Commissioner

Bud Selig's final day as MLB Commissioner is tomorrow so I wanted to take a quick minute to remember some of the good things about his legacy and what he is leaving in Major League Baseball. Selig was the Commissioner of Baseball for 22 seasons starting in 1992.

When Selig took over there were just 26 teams in the league, now there are 30, and has enjoyed labor peace with the players since the 1995 season. When Selig took over the Yankees had the highest paid player in baseball in Danny Tartabull and his $5.3 million but Bud has helped bring so much money into the game it is becoming more and more common to see $30 million annually for certain players.

Selig "cleaned up the game" while making the game more international with new Japanese posting rules and the World Baseball Classic. Selig may have turned a blind eye to the steroid era, he may have contributed to the cancelling of the World Series and the subsequent demise of the Montreal Expos but overall Selig has been one hell of a commissioner, even if he is a Yankees hater. So today we salute you and wish you well Bud. Thanks for the memories, even when they weren't so great.

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