Saturday, January 24, 2015

Seattle Still Getting Their Hopes Up w/ Jesus Montero

Every morning when I am supposed to be working I take a minute to skim the headlines and read the sports news, especially from the USA Today. Yesterday morning I read an article that the Seattle Mariners were still hopeful that Jesus Montero could help the team in the future. Montero, the same guy who was trolled by an ice cream sandwich in a minor league game (he was sent to the minors because he came to camp 40 lbs. overweight and couldn’t hit a lick) by one of his own scouts in Single-A. Yeah good luck with that.

Montero has reportedly lost the 40 lbs. this offseason which is great news for him but, and not to play Devil’s Advocate and rub it in too much, he did not hit a lick before he gained a pound. Montero was traded from the Yankees for RHP Michael Pineda for the same reasons he is struggling in Seattle; his weight and size made his future look unlikely at the catcher position, his hitting would likely make him an average at best corner outfielder or first baseman, his drive and motivation along with his attitude were always being questioned and his hitting was never able to get over the “great” hump out of just being good or average.

The Biogenesis suspension didn’t help Montero’s stock and value last season which has left the former top prospect and catcher as a designated hitter only, and that’s if he even makes the team. Remember Seattle signed Nelson Cruz to presumably be what Montero was supposed to be so it’s going to be tough for the 25 year old Venezuelan and former Yankee to start the season in the major leagues. If he wants to come back to New York though, all things considered, I think I welcome him back with open arms and plenty of forgiveness and understanding. 


  1. I agree. I remember watching him when he was a September callup. He may have strayed from the path a bit, but he can flat out hit. He just turned 25. Hopefully he's matured mentally, and is ready to straighten his career out. If there isn't room in Seattle, I too would welcome him in New York.

    1. He's a kid in a country that he didn't grow up in. He is/was immature and was obviously led in the wrong direction. What can be taught will be and what cannot be taught he already has.


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