Saturday, January 17, 2015

The 2014 Yankees vs. the 2015 Yankees – Starting Rotation

We have taken a comparable look at the 2014 and 2015 New York Yankees offenses so no better time than the present to look at the biggest question mark for the team, the rotation. The rotation has the ability to be one of the best in the league if healthy and effective in 2015 while also having the possibility of being the absolute crap storm it was for most of 2014. Much of this comparison depends on health and productivity and will be hard to really judge and not guess at but I promise to do my best.

2014 Rotation:

CC Sabathia
Hiroki Kuroda
Ivan Nova
Masahiro Tanaka
Michael Pineda

2015 Rotation:

CC Sabathia
Masahiro Tanaka
Michael Pineda
Nathan Eovaldi
Chris Capuano

Obviously Capuano, in a perfect world, is just keeping the last rotation spot warm for Nova as he continues to rehab and work himself back from Tommy John surgery. You have to think, although no one can confirm just yet, that Sabathia will be better in 2015. Even if Sabathia isn’t the ace he once was you have to think a half season of rest and a cleanup knee surgery will at least help the big man. That and a box of Captain Crunch. Sabathia is a question mark just as much as Tanaka and Pineda are due to their health. If healthy and effective that is a three headed monster that many teams would not like to see in a series or in the playoffs. If they fall under the knife or Eovaldi continues to lead the league in hits allowed it could be a long, long summer for the Yankees. New York no longer has the stability and the stopper in Kuroda and he may be the biggest asset lost this season that no one seems to be talking about. Well they aren’t talking about it yet anyway, let’s revisit this conversation in June. 


  1. I SEE DONUTS & CAPUANO.......

    Capuano, the most confusing, and the least required signing of the off season. Dumb.

    I see his name as the # 5 starter for the 2015 season, and my body convulses. I can't stop
    shaking my head, and I can't perform as a romantic Irishman.
    And !!! ....he could be there all year, if Nova has set backs.
    This, the Capuano, who was DFA last season.

    I'd take those white powdered donuts any day, over this guy.
    Something has to, and must be done, to address this rotation.

    Hazel & Gretal...if you read my words, give me your thoughts.

  2. Well I'm not Hansel or Gretal, but here's my thoughts little p. This rotation is in serious trouble. In my opinion, there is no way Tanaka avoids Tommy John. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't make it to opening day. CC will hit the disabled list by June. Normal size people struggle with microfractured knees. Let alone guys weighing close to 300 pounds. Nova won't be back until at least the all star break with the way the Yankees handle injuries. That leaves Pineda as our ace, which would be fine if had come even remotely close to 200 innings in the last 2 years. But he hasn't. Now where left with Eovaldi and Capuano and no depth behind them. Can anyone deny that Scherzer is a necessity and not a luxury?

  3. NEITHER...Hansel, nor can anyone dispute what you just said ?
    I hope both of us are wrong, but there are too many facts out there, for us not to be right.
    Capuano, on the All-Star ballot ?

  4. Damn, you had to bring up the obvious didn't you guys! I was all set to live out the spring with my own little pipe dream. Thanks a lot guys!@#%$#@! LOL
    It took you guys a long time to shoot down my great starting rotation.
    Being honest about it, the rotation I put out there yesterday, looks more like the real thing unless Cashman can come up with someone! Damn, I hate the thought of that! I was just having fun!

    1. Sorry Ken. Anybody that has to pencil in Capuano as a starter entering spring training is in trouble. He hasn't been a reliable option for about 3 years. And that's going all the way back to his Dodger days when he was pitching in a weak NL west.

    2. The only thing I really like about Capy, is he makes hitters hit almost 40/50% ground balls, and with the infield we will have, that ain't all bad!

  5. MY CRYSTAL BALL........does it need to be rebooted ? Nah !

    I think it is working just fine. Lets take a look into the future.......July 28, 2015.
    You may laugh at me, but this thing really does work.

    Playing / Staring in LF...Refsnyder. With second base blocked, and Beltran injured,
    young Refsnyder is playing well. And batting an impressive .290.

    Playing 2nd Base...Yoan ' Castro ' Moncada. The franchise player is tearing the AL East up.
    Drew, is the ultra utility player. Still not hitting, even with extended spring training.

    Pitching....oh balls ! The crystal went dark just is it was bringing up the two pitchers Cashman
    obtained before spring training.

    Finally.....Ken Reed wins the Noble Peace Prize. By defeating ISIS single handedly. By using
    his Lake Oswego version of the English language......the stunned head removers, turned and
    ran back to their caves.

    Laugh at me, but that is what I see.

    1. the Refsnyder prediction is not that far fetched. I think the team would rather he play RF but what can you do, he can play LF as well if he has to.

      Please, please bring me Yoan Moncada.

    2. I think if Beltran went down he would be playing Right Field...Yes, No?
      Yoan would need to start on the Farm for a while anyhow...Yes, No?

      Patrick, those days are far removed, Thank God!


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