Monday, February 9, 2015

Most Popular Article of the Week: Will Jacob Lindgren reach the Major Leagues in 2015?

By Eddie Sapienza

The Yankees have a superb bullpen, without Minor League Star Jacob Lindgren. Lindgren was just drafted in the 2014 MLB Draft. He flew threw the Yankees Minor Leauge system in 2014. Now fans are wondering will he reach the Majors in 2015 at some point?

I absolutley think he will reach the Yankees Major League team at some point this season. Will he brought up in September or will he prove himself in Spring Training. It matters if he proves himself during Spring Training which I think he is capable of doing. When he plays in Spring he will be facing most of the guys who he usually faces in a typical MiLB game.

So he should be able to prove himself in Spring Training and start the season in the Yankees bullpen. With Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller going to be the setup man and closer Lindgren would fit perfectly as a 7th inning guy.

He has nasty pitches just like Betances and Miller and all three would make the best combination in baseball and the best bullpen in baseball with the arms they already have. If he's worthy of pitching well with the Yankees system he should be their. We saw how fast he flew through the Minor League system and if he can do that he can do good in the Major Leagues.

Three reasons why Lindgren should be in the Major Leagues:
• The way he flew through the Minor Leagues makes me confident that he is MLB worthy.
• Adding him to in my opinion the best bullpen in baseball is a huge reason why he should be in the Bronx in 2015
• Just the way he pitches in general is huge. He fits in perfectly with the rest of the Yankee bullpen. The guys in the bullpen strike guys out lots. That's the way he is and can fit perfectly. The ERA was low which shows he hardly gives up runs.

This guy is the real deal and I can't wait to see him this year if he can prove himself.


  1. Just noticed this. Thank you so much!

    1. We should be thanking you for your good work my friend

  2. Thank you, Edwardgeneral...
    Now how about Clarkin, I like his stuff but he is not ready yet. He would be a very good trading chip now or better yet, this winter! He is not an "over 95mph pitcher, but he has a lot of movement on his pitches along with good control...good control with movement will get you to the show and keep you there.

    I am going to see Domingo Acevedo this summer for maybe, two of his starts and a few other guys along the way. I am taking a long trip around some of the parks, at the invitation of one of my old (and I do mean old) Bosses! Just kidding, he is six +/- years younger than I am, he use to work for me, good man.

    1. Clarkin was a High School pitcher and has a long way to go. The stuff and the potential is there though and the sky is the limit for that kid. I like Clarkin a lot.


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