Tuesday, February 10, 2015

USA Today’s Top 100 Players You Need to Know

Every year the USA Today compiles a list of the Top 100 players you need to know heading into the next season and releases it to their readers. This week the list started with the #76 - #100. We wouldn’t be talking about this list if a member of the Yankees weren’t on it and that member was Luis Severino at the #85 spot.

This is, according to the full write up SEEN HERE, not necessarily a top prospects list as much as it is a way to list the prospects that could make the most impact in 2015. Of course that has to take into account MLB readiness, how close they are to the majors, whether their path is blocked etc.

See below for the excerpt on Severino and remember to click the link, AGAIN SEEN HERE, to read all the write ups from the USA Today.

85. Luis Severino, RHP, Yankees: The Yankees have been conservative about moving young pitchers — especially starters — to the majors, but times are different in the Bronx. The rotation certainly could use a boost sometime this season, and Severino's mid-90s power stuff could be tough to ignore if he's dominating Class AA. He'll be a 21-year-old in his fourth pro season in the USA, so his workload could be a factor. He increased to 113 innings last season and will be monitored closely.

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