Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday Night Open Thread

Hey guys look, I remembered the open thread for the week two weeks in a row, something must be wrong in the universe right now. Anyway it’s Saturday night and the Yankees game has already come to a close so let’s chat it up about anything you guys want to. Mother’s Day is tomorrow, what are you getting your mom, wife or significant other? NBA playoffs are going on with some Game Three matchups, who you got?

I took my boys fishing today and ran all my errands and did my grocery shopping so I could devote tomorrow to the wife so I’m beat but the kids thoroughly enjoyed it. Making memories is all that matters, remember that. With that said I’ll leave the stage to you, have at it and enjoy. 


  1. Jacob Lindgren the next lefty out of the BP, unless they call on Caleb Smith. Let's face it fans Mr. Lindgren could use a bit more work down on the farm, Why be in such a rush to get him up here, he still needs to harness his stuff a little bit more.
    JL and Severino will be a great addition to this club but, I would rather wait until July or so.

    I sorta blasted C.C. a bit, I think I was expecting too much of him, er unless he can hit better than Tex. He has had a game or two where he lost the game because of run support not his pitching per say!

    1. What does he need to work on? Four year college senior that has dominated every level of the minors. He has nothing left to work on and nothing left to prove.

    2. Exactly Burch. Just Cashman being Cashman

  2. Daniel, we know with three pitchers coming up in the next week to 10 days(?), there is little to no need to push him up to the show. Granted, Jacob Lindgren is doing well, better than well but we need a place for those coming back from injury.
    When it is time for him, he will be ready and hit the road running. Every pitcher has something to work on and refine, better to get it right before facing the best of the best.

    1. Of course no one is perfect and everyone has something to work on, especially at 22 (i think), but Lindgren should be figuring these things out in the 6th and 7th innings in the Bronx, not in Scranton. When you struggle with consistency, command, etc. you figure it out in AAA. When you're not quite ready to be the team's closer but you're getting bored Bull Durham style in the minors you figure it out in lesser pressure packed situations.

    2. True Daniel and I agree he should be up here now and we wouldn't have the problems we are having with games like tonight.
      But with all the guys with contracts that can't be sent down, what do you do? And having three more on the cusp of returning there is no more room at the Inn.
      Cashman should be talking like a Dutch Uncle to Lindgren letting him know to keep going as he is and he will be up at the first chance.
      He is ready, but everyone can work on something right (as you said), refining his pitches will only help him in the Show.
      Of course when one uses only there or four of the pitchers in the pen, the other guys get hit like a red headed half-wit.


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