Monday, June 8, 2015

Complete Look at the Yankees 2014 Draft Haul

In case you missed it here is the complete draft haul from the 2014 MLB First Year Player's Draft by the New York Yankees. Remember New York had a plan, and they executed that plan, to spend heavily on the international spending market in what was expected to be an extremely deep pool which led the team to draft more polished, older and advanced college players in the draft.

All in all New York drafted 39 players in the 2014 draft including 24 pitchers, nine infielders, four outfielders and two catchers. New York went college heavy as we said drafting 32 players out of college with just seven players coming out of High School including Austin DeCarr. One of those players drafted was the son of the great Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, Marian Rivera Jr., after the team signed Josh Pettitte, son of Andy Pettitte, in the 2013 MLB Draft.

The Yankees top pick, Jacob Lindgren, is already in the major leagues while the likes of Jonathan Holder, Jordan Foley, Jordan Montgomery, Mark Payton and DeCarr are making great strides in the Yankees system.

Here is the list:

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