Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 20, 2015 Old Timer's Day Player's List

Here's a list of every one:

  • Jesse Barfield
  • Yogi Berra
  • Ron Blomberg
  • Brian Boehringer
  • Wade Boggs
  • Scott Bradley
  • Scott Brosius
  • Dr. Bobby Brown
  • Homer Bush
  • Chris Chambliss
  • Jim Coates
  • David Cone
  • Johnny Damon
  • Bucky Dent
  • Al Downing
  • Brian Doyle
  • Cecil Fielder
  • John Flaherty
  • Whitey Ford
  • Oscar Gamble
  • Joe Girardi
  • Rich "Goose" Gossage
  • Ken Griffey Sr.
  • Ron Guidry
  • Charlie Hayes
  • Rickey Henderson
  • Arlene Howard (Widow)
  • Helen Hunter (Widow)
  • Reggie Jackson
  • Scott Kamieniecki
  • Pat Kelly
  • Don Larsen
  • Jim Leyritz
  • Graeme Lloyd
  • Hector Lopez
  • Jill Martin (Widow)
  • Lee Mazzilli
  • Stump Merrill
  • Gene "Stick" Michael
  • Gene Monahan (Trainer)
  • Diana Munson (Widow)
  • Kay Murcer (Widow)
  • Jeff Nelson
  • Paul O'Neill
  • Dan Pasqua
  • Joe Pepitone
  • Andy Phillips
  • Lou Piniella
  • Willie Randolph
  • Bobby Richardson
  • Mickey Rivers
  • Mel Stottlemyre
  • Tanyon Sturtze
  • Joe Torre
  • Roy White
  • Bernie Williams


  1. Forgot to add Ken Reed and Mr. Hans.

  2. Forgot to add us to what? The old timers? Well, the only way I could ever come close to that class of talent is because I would fit in with the five oldest of the bunch...age wise only!

    1. Someone has to hold Yogi's hand

    2. Holding hands is not my style Daniel, but in truth it would be great to see and meet some of those guys again, after all these years.
      I think Yogi and Whitey are the only ones left...the story of life!

    3. My Boss and I are going to Old Timers game next year, so I have been told by said Boss.

      See, that tells you who the real Boss is around here! I let her think she is but, in reality we all know...unless I have started wearing dresses, it sure ain't me! lol

    4. That's something I always wanted to go to. Hope you guys have fun!

  3. That list has a lot of talent on it, I sometimes wonder if the fans really know how much talent (& hard work) it takes to be as good as the least of those players? Just think about it, every year there are about 480 players taken in the first few rounds of the draft...somewhere around 1280+/- overall!.
    Every spring or so we may see anywhere from one to 15 rookies make the majors, of those that do make it, only about half of them make a career of it.

  4. FORMER YANKEE...Shane Greene sent to AAA. Mr. Cashman strikes again !

    Brian knew what he was sending to the Tigers. No elf is he.
    Greene allowed just two runs over 23 innings in his first three starts as a Tiger, but he’s struggled badly since then, and he now has a 5.82 ERA with 5.8 K/9 and 2.5 BB/9 for the season.

    So now we know that Kenneth Reed does not like holding hands.
    Will we learn about arm wrestling, on his wedding night, next ?

    1. Just like June is a good place to start judging Didi it's a good place to start judging Greene. I've always been an advocate for sample size and I'd say roughly 60 games in is a good sample size.

      Evo is getting better, Greene is getting worse and Didi has shown a sign of life or two. Not saying the Yankees won the trade yet but it doesn't look like the disaster it was in April.

  5. Burch then you can say that Pineda's going backwards because 3 of his last 4 starts haven't been good. However everyone before was saying he was a stud. I think he is better than this but let's see what happens at AS break. That's the sampling size I use

    1. I prefer to look at the entire season and not three or four starts because over the course of 162 you're generally going to have hot streaks and cold streaks. Pineda has stepped back a bit lately, everyone sees it and everyone knows it. That doesn't mean I'm ready to write him off though this season.

  6. WHO IS IT THAT SAID.....Sergio Santos will be stashed away in AA ?

    Fuhget abou' it !! ...."Splendid Sergio Santos" is in Baltimore, waiting to be called upon
    ( most likely today ) to unleash his bag of tricks. With CC pitching tonight, God only knows
    who else will follow him. Enter Splendid Sergio.
    That didn't take long.

    On top of that Jacob Lundgren (sic ?) has been sent down. The next Sparky Lyle ?

    Another dose of Esmil Rogers, and I would have jumped off the Goethals Bridge.

    1. He was stashed in AA... just not for long enough. Oh well, can't be much worse than Esmil has been. Right?

  7. Sergio Santos...? Doesn't miss a beat. Steps right into Esmil Rogers shoes.
    Here we go again, as the team circles the drain, once again.


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