Thursday, June 11, 2015

Weekly Check In: Ian Clarkin

This spot has been a bit of a revolving door after Tyler Austin left enough room for another prospect to slide in and take his spot. While Austin could always regain his spot, and honestly I hope that he does and I hope that he will, I decided to in a little bit of a different direction this week. We’ve seen Mason Williams and others in this spot but I want to go pitching this time around while answering a burning question on many people’s minds, where the hell is Ian Clarkin?

Clarkin was that tough sign rookie the Yankees landed in the same draft in 2013 that landed them Aaron Judge and Eric Jagielo in the first two rounds. Clarkin was the big, young projectable left hander that was thought to be the future of the Yankees farm system and the future of the Yankees pitching staff. Then 2014 came and went and with 2015 now upon us we haven’t heard as much as a peep out of him since as he has yet to make his 2015 debut. 

That changes today when we do our weekly check in with Mr. Clarkin this morning:


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