Thursday, June 11, 2015

Walk Up Music for Carlos Beltran

With every off day for the New York Yankees comes an off day walk up music recommendation here on the blog. We’ve been going in order from the top of the Yankees starting lineup to the bottom starting with Jacoby Ellsbury and ending with Chase Headley on Monday, the last off day. Today we continue going down the order with the Yankees right fielder, Carlos Beltran. Beltran has hit much better lately and is actually a sight for sore eyes when he steps up to the plate inside Yankee Stadium rather than the automatic out he was for much of 2014 and for the first month of 2015.

When Beltran steps up to the plate inside Yankee Stadium in the Bronx the song "Welcome to the Jungle" is playing by Guns n Roses. Enjoy the song and enjoy the off day, we’ll be back at full strength tomorrow here on the blog when the New York Yankees travel to Baltimore to take on the Baltimore Orioles.


  1. One black hole is gone, but I would like to see some timely and power(HR) hitting from him, but will take what we have more so than last year.

    I am hoping they set A-Rod a game or two, he looks a bit slow and out of balance. Give himself time to get it together again.

    Eovaldi pitched one of his best games yesterday.

    1. Evo did pitch quite a good game on Wednesday which is definitely encouraging.

    Kind of surprised what the team received in return for Carpenter, from the Nationals.
    A former # 2 pick. Gritty, dirty uniform type. Clubhouse guy. And yes, he is a good
    second baseman. Time will tell, but a good return for Carpenter.

    Yes !...'The Great Straight Eovaldi' did pitch a good game the other night.
    Good addition to the rotation. I liked Prado very much, but the team needed a starter.

    Question....Yankee pitcher Mitchell...Was he always a Yankee ? Brought up this season ?
    Or, was he a winter signing ?.....thanks.
    Before he got hurt, he did well. Big guy, with a plus arm. Liked him.

    1. That's a great return for Carpenter. You don't generally get anything for a player that was recently designated for assignment let alone a former second round pick who is hitting well in Double-A.

      Renda is a small guy but for what we traded we got a great return.

      Mitchell was drafted by the Yankees in the 2011 draft (I think it was 2011) and has come through the Yankees system. Mitchell was called up last season too for at least one spot start and pitched well. Mitchell isn't hurt....


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