Friday, June 12, 2015

Weekly Check In: Robert Refsnyder

Stephen Drew has been winning back a few of his fans this week after hitting multiple home runs in two separate games this week. While Drew’s biggest fan is probably his wife, who is showcased now in our Wives & Girlfriends section of the site, or his mother, who is not on the site unfortunately, but one man that is definitely not his fan is Robert Refsnyder. Refsnyder is hitting the ball well in Triple-A and improving on his defense more and more everyday while he bides his time waiting on a move to be made. At this point unless Drew completely falls off the edge of the world or an injury occurs it looks like Refsnyder will remain in Triple-A for most of, if not all of, the 2015 season.

Refsnyder looked great in spring training after a great 2014 campaign and looks just as solid here in 2015. The defense is a work in progress, we all know that, and it may be for the rest of his career but that’s only because New York moved him to the outfield. Refsnyder’s bat is potent and Refsnyder’s bat is ready but for now we’re left with just merely checking in on that bat every Friday rather than seeing it every night in the Bronx and that’s a shame, a damn shame.

Here’s those offensive statistics I was referring to:

And here are those defense statistics that are improving with every check in:


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