Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cole Hamels Just Got Super Expensive

The New York Yankees have acquired the Philadelphia Phillies ace left-handed starting pitcher Cole Hamels in a trade involving RHP Ivan Nova, catcher Gary Sanchez, 2B Robert Refsndyer and 1B Greg Bird. When I woke up from this dream I was obviously disappointed because I thought the Yankees had shocked the world and pulled a “George Steinbrenner” at the trading deadline but that proposed deal in my dream got me thinking, Hamels is going to be awfully expensive if he’s traded in 2015.

The Kansas City Royals set the bar pretty high when they acquired two months of Johnny Cueto for their #1 prospect in a deep system and two more left-handed starters meaning that any potential trade option with team control could cost a lot more than that. Add in the fact that Hamels threw a no hitter against a team in contention for a Wild Card spot, the Chicago Cubs, and a GM in Ruben Amaro Jr. that already asks for the sky with his players and this may get expensive pretty fast.

Think about the package my subconscious proposed to Amaro Jr. though because it makes sense. Nova is still young, controllable and would be a better pitcher in the National League then he is in the American League while he automatically gives Philadelphia a replacement in the rotation. Meanwhile Refsnyder, who I would absolutely hate to give up, gives the Phillies an immediate replacement for the aging Chase Utley while Bird essentially replaces Ryan Howard on the depth chart. Sanchez could step in as soon as 2016 behind the plate for the Phillies giving the team a nice head start in their rebuilding phase.

Will this be the deal that lands Hamels? Probably not, although if the Yankees could as reluctant as I am to give up Refsnyder I think you have to make this deal. One thing for certain though is that if Philadelphia does decide to sell Hamels and that huge deal he still has attached to him he is going to be awfully expensive. Maybe too expensive for the Yankees blood. If the team is going to sell of major pieces of the farm honestly I think I’d rather it be for Hamels then for a rental like Price or Cueto. 

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  1. I'm more inclined to deal Severino.

    Think about it...

    The starting five next season would be Hamels, Tanaka, Pineda, Eovaldi, and Nova (screw CC). And in 2017 you'd still have Hamels, Tanaka, Pineda, and Eovaldi (Nova will be a FA).

    I have to think Luis would be very attractive, as he could be a fine replacement in the starting rotation next season. Add in Sanchez, as they could use a catcher (Ruiz stinks, and there's no catcher in their top 10 prospects). That would give the Phillies a great and very good prospect, and provided the Yankees take on all or most of Cole's contract, they should only have to throw in a couple of lower prospects.

    I don't like giving up Refsnyder, as he could take care of a position that's hard to fill. I don't mind Bird, as first baseman aren't hard to find, but I don't think it would be necessary to put him in that package.

    One thing's for sure, the Yankees are in a great spot to go for a ring, so they need to do something.


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