Monday, July 27, 2015

Game Thread: New York Yankees @ Texas Rangers 7/27

All games should be started at either 1:05 pm ET or 7:05 pm ET. I am currently writing Commissioner of Major League Baseball Rob Manfred a letter with the subject "East Coast Bias" although I doubt he's going to be reading it any time soon. This start is better than the west coast game starts that end sometime in the middle of the night. Tonight's start will kick off at 8:05 pm ET and will showcase Ivan Nova on the mound for the Yankees and Matt Harrison on the mound for the Rangers. The game can be seen on television on the YES Network, ESPN's Monday Night Baseball and MLB TV.

The Yankees play three more times inside the Ball Park in Arlington after tonight before traveling to Chicago to face off with the Chicago White Sox. You have about a week before the team returns home to the Bronx and Yankee Stadium so you have a week to click the Yankees Tickets link at the top of the blog to get your Yankees tickets on the cheap. Until the team returns home we'll all have to settle for jumping on Twitter, giving @GreedyStripes a follow and rooting for the home team from afar.

Nova is ready to mow down some Rangers and the Yankees offense is ready to go in traditionally a hitting friendly ballpark, it should be fun. Go Yankees!


  1. TIC, TIC, can almost smell a deal being hatched.

    "... rival executives simply do not believe this deadline is coming and going without Cashman improving his rotation.

    One top AL executive said definitively what many suggested: “There is no question the Yankees are getting a pitcher.”

    Outside officials see the volatility in the Yankees’ rotation being a threat to undermine even making the playoffs plus the need — under the best scenario — for the Yanks to find someone to join Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda in a postseason front three."
    Today's NY Post.

    In what form it happens, or pieces added....I can't play.
    But, no doubt, it / they will happen.

    1. I can't see a big move going down. I think it was Cueto, David Price(who may not even be made available) or bust.

  2. The elf thinks he has a team that can compete for the WS and that is why he sucks as a gm. He is winning the AL Least, yet he stands pat. Go climb another building elf

    1. I'm getting antsy as well Mr. Hans. To see Zobrist and Cueto come off the board, Kazmir as well, for relatively nothing while Cashman sits on his hands.

      He wont give up Judge, Severino etc. and I commend him for that but it wouldn't have taken any of his four untouchables for Kazmir or Zobrist. Cueto, yes. Hamels, yes and Price, yes.


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