Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekly Check In: Gary Sanchez

The week of the Major League Baseball trading deadline has to be a terrifying time for prospects all around baseball and especially terrifying for those prospects inside the New York Yankees farm system. Gary Sanchez has seen his name thrown around various trade rumors for more than a couple seasons now but this year is a bit different, this year he is doing exceptionally well and this year he is in Triple-A. This year many teams have been asking about Sanchez and this year the Yankees are in contention for a playoff spot and a potential World Series. New York will likely add something at the deadline but will it come at the expense of Sanchez?

Sanchez was promoted to Triple-A after the injury to Austin Romine forced the Yankees catcher to the disabled list and he has seemingly made the best of a bad situation. Sanchez has hit for power, both home run power and double power, as a member of the RailRiders and even represented Team World in the MLB Futures Game. Will Sanchez survive the trade deadline?

Stay tuned...


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