Thursday, July 2, 2015

Weekly Check In: Kyle Roller

I wanted to do a little something different this morning and check in on a prospect that’s not really a prospect anymore, first baseman Kyle Roller. I was looking through the TGP archive the other day and I ran across a post that I had written sometime last season that pleaded with the Yankees to call up Jose Pirela for second base and Roller for first base after Mark Teixeira’s 19th injury of the season, slight exaggeration, and I got to wondering what Roller was up to this season. Have I not heard much about him because Teixeira has been so healthy and productive or has he fallen into the “over-groomed” category and fallen off the face of the Earth?

As you can see Roller, who is now 27 years old, either enjoyed a career season in 2014 or his attitude went by the wayside along with his chances of playing in the major leagues in a Yankees uniform because his stats are nowhere near as good as they were at this point in 2014. Roller was left unprotected from the Rule 5 Draft this winter and was not selected, to my surprise, and I think that along with earning a call up and not getting it has really affected his on the field performance. I was wrong once though, to some people since I can’t go see the prospects live or talk to them face to face that immediately discredits my knowledge, passion and understanding for Yankees prospects.



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