Thursday, July 2, 2015

Yankees Off Night Open Thread

The Yankees are off tonight and for some reason I am whooped. I don’t even have the whole “staying up late to watch the Yankees play on the west coast” excuse to fall back on. Maybe I’m just getting old but that’s ok, I digress. The Yankees are off tonight as they are traveling back from California to the Bronx to prepare for a huge three game series with the Tampa Bay Rays this weekend. It’s hard to say that games are must win at the beginning of July but a sweep either way could really go a long way to deciding who wins the American League East Division race. I’d settle for a series win though truth be told.

I leave you tonight with another musical recommendation out of my own personal collection. The name of the song is “Angel” and the name of the artist is Theory of a Deadman. Enjoy little p. 

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