Thursday, August 27, 2015

Roster Manipulation the New Meta?

Have the New York Yankees found the new meta in Major League Baseball and are they leading the way in progressiveness in the game? Well I wouldn't go that far but the team is taking every advantage they can get when it comes to roster manipulation and they are seemingly benefiting from it.

The Yankees have had a revolving door and a shuttle bus running back and forth from Scranton, Pennsylvania to the Bronx, New York this season. The Yankees have had a total of 106 options, recalls, designations for assignment and contract selections at the time of this writing and have already used 51 different players. The Yankees bullpen has seen the biggest influx of new faces as the team continually maxes a guy out and sends him down for a fresh arm the next day, evident by the 22 different relief pitchers that have came out of the Yankees bullpen this season and the 15 players who have made their Major League debuts with the team.

The plan, if that is the plan anyway, is working. The Yankees have been able to limit the exposure of their starting pitchers and have been able to keep them relatively healthy until recently with a reduced workload. The Yankees have been able to piece together games with the big names in their bullpen, Andrew Miller, Dellin Betances, Chasen Shreve and Justin Wilson specifically, and have filled in the blanks with the likes of Branden Pinder, Caleb Cotham, Nick Rumbelow, Nick Goody, Adam Warren, Esmil Rogers, Chris Capuano, Joel De La Cruz, Jose Ramirez, Jacob Lindgren, Bryan Mitchell, Chris Martin and a slew of other names that you are likely to know without me listing them. New York has kept everyone fresh and effective while continuing to stick around at the top of the American League East Division with the Toronto Blue Jays making this plan, roster manipulation or whatever you want to call it seemingly effective.

is this something we will see going forward in Major League Baseball as the emphasis on prospects in the league become more and more important? It could, and the Yankees did it first.

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