Thursday, August 27, 2015

Twitter Poll: CC Sabathia vs. Ivan Nova in the Race Towards Inefficiency

The New York Yankees rebounded nicely in their game yesterday afternoon with the Houston Astros but how could they not? After you allow 15 runs to a team the night before almost anything can be constituted as a bounce back. Ivan Nova started that game and looked strong and sharp until he allowed a triple that shouldn’t have been in my opinion that led to everything falling apart. With Nova now ineffective in multiple starts and CC Sabathia on the disabled list I truly wanted to know what you, the fan, thought the Yankees should do if and when CC comes back from the DL. Should the team insert CC into the rotation and go back to the six-man rotation idea? Should Nova be bounced to the bullpen in favor of CC? Should both go to the bullpen and Adam Warren or Bryan Mitchell get the chance to start? Be heard, it’s The Greedy Pinstripes Twitter Poll:

CC’s knee proved that it could not be counted on over the course of a season. With every opportunity the Yankees had they gave CC an extra day of rest and with every look of a big inning on the horizon manager Joe Girardi pulled Sabathia despite his pitch count or inning total. His knee was still drained twice already this season, as expected, and he was still placed on the DL with the same degenerative knee condition. CC cannot make 25 starts a season anymore because his knee cannot handle it. I hate to say it, I like CC and his teammate and fiery competitor attitude that he brings to the table but reality is reality. Sabathia and the Yankees have already said the only remedy to this knee injury is to stop pitching. That’s not really an option in New York, especially with that remaining contract that will likely go through the 2017 season as his vesting option triggers, so why not limit him and get some value out of him as a LOOGY?

You know the splits that he has against left-handed batters and right-handed batters, it’s not pretty, so pull a move that the defending World Series champion San Francisco Giants would pull and move him to the bullpen despite his former status or contract. He’s open for it and it is what’s best for the team.

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