Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Quick Hit: #WheresRefsnyder

Where the hell is Robert Refsnyder? 

Let's cut to the chase here because we all know the story. The New York Yankees called up second base prospect Robert Refsnyder before the All-Star break to play against the upcoming left-handed pitchers the Boston Red Sox were ready to throw out against them inside Fenway Park. Refsnyder stuck around after Fenway and seemingly gained the trust of manager Joe Girardi before Yankees GM Brian Cashman sent him down to Triple-A to make room for Carlos Beltran on the active roster frustrating an entire fan base.

That same fan base has waited patiently until the calendar changed over to September to see Refsnyder back in the Yankees pinstripes and back on the roster and over a week into expanded rosters we're all just standing here asking the original question, where the hell is Robert Refsnyder? Is he getting the "Derek Jeter" treatment where he will be called up in the middle of a pennant race to watch and prime himself rather than participate? Is he being punished for his "attitude problem?"

Unfortunately this is another post where there are a ton of questions and not enough answers because I still don't know where the hell Robert Refsnyder is and that's a shame.

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