Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Twitter Poll: Should the Yankees Celebrate?

For the first time since the 2012 letdown and broken ankle by Derek Jeter the New York Yankees have reached the postseason (unofficially but you might as well say it's a done deal), hallelujah! The fact that New York would make the postseason brought up an interesting debate about whether the team should celebrate a Wild Card berth. Manager Joe Girardi stated that the Yankees would celebrate the accomplishment which kicked off our latest Twitter Poll, should the Yankees celebrate their Wild Card berth or shouldn’t they have?

There are two sides to every story including the side that says the team should NOT have celebrated the playoff berth. Some even said that making the playoffs as a Wild Card wasn’t even a playoff game. Well I hate to break it to you, yes it was, but here are the responses and their arguments against the celebrations:

On the flip side you had the opinions, and surprisingly the opinions in the minority, which thought the Yankees should have celebrated the accomplishment:

Say what you will about what the Yankees used to do, the World Series or bust mentality or the addition of a one-game playoff system for the two Wild Card teams. The Yankees didn’t pick the Wild Card system, they didn’t pick to share their profits or pay a luxury tax of 50% on every dollar spent over $178 million. The Yankees didn’t choose to see George Steinbrenner die and the team did not choose to see Hal Steinbrenner run the team in an entirely different, and fiscally responsible, manner. You can bet your ass the Houston Astros or whoever wins the 2nd Wild Card will celebrate and you can bet than any of the 10 teams in the American League that don’t make the postseason in 2015 would have celebrated. It’s just my opinion but the Yankees should have celebrated and good for them for doing so. The 162 game schedule is a grind and the playoffs, whether it’s one game, three games or a five game series, is the reward. There are no trophies just for showing up in Major League Baseball so celebrate that you were better than the rest.

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