Sunday, December 20, 2015

Join us on 9 Innings Manager

The offseason is here, the Winter Meetings are over and many of the top tiered free agents are already off the board. What in the world are we going to do all winter long? Binge watch shows on Netflix? Catch up on school/work/house work? Spend time with family? Nah, probably not. Playing video games on your phone instead of doing school work or house work or your actual work is always an option though. I spend most of my time on 9 Innings Manager.

Basically you can draft players, trade players and build your team from an expansion team to the Major Leagues. You can fight for playoff spots, MVP Awards and face off against the AI or a friend. You are the manager though, you don’t actually get to play the simulation. It’s still fun though and I have built a pretty beast team. Join us!

Download the free app and search for HiveID DBurchHero to help us pass the time this winter. 

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