Friday, January 1, 2016

Quick Hit: Robert Refsnyder the Yankees Version of Ben Zobrist?

Apparently I’m not allowed to suggest that the New York Yankees trade a second base prospect that is blocked for at least the next four seasons. What about potentially moving his position again and turning him into a super utility player? Is that suggestion allowed?

I poke a little fun here but I was serious about potentially moving Refsnyder around to a few more positions to increase his versatility. Refsnyder was drafted as a right fielder and was moved to second base due to concerns with his arm strength. You have to wonder if Refsnyder could handle third base specifically, especially after the Yankees traded away their closest and possibly their best third base prospect in Eric Jagielo.

Refsnyder is young and athletic and I truly believe, with some practice, he could learn the hot corner, maybe some first base and get reunited with the corner outfield spots in the Bronx. Would he be Mr. Versatile like Ben Zobrist but he could become a useful part that could force his way onto the Yankees roster rather than hope that Brian Cashman doesn’t block him again.

I wonder if the Yankees have thought of this?

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