Monday, February 15, 2016

Most Popular Article of the Week: Keith Law Likes the Yankees System?

The New York Yankees have focused on their farm system more in recent years than most of us have seen during our lifetime's and the dividends are finally starting to pay off. The team is not only developing their own usable MLB caliber pieces like Luis Severino and Greg Bird but they are also using their players to not only acquire players but acquire players in a smart way. The Yankees are finally getting it right in the prospect department and it truly shows when a Yankees critic like Keith Law takes notice.

Now you may be saying, Keith Law is a Yankee critic? Since when? Well since last year and every year that Luis Severino has been in the Yankees farm system as a notable or top prospect. Now the fact that Law is a Yankees critic is my opinion much like the fact that he didn't like Severino or list him on any of his Top 100 prospects list is his opinion and we're both entitled to it, I just don't agree with Law's. Now that Severino has graduated from prospect status Law actually likes the Yankees system again, what a concept.

This week alone Law ranked the Yankees system the 13th best in Major League Baseball while naming four Yankees prospects to his annual Top 100 Prospects List. The usual suspects showed up for the Yankees, Aaron Judge (36), Jorge Mateo (55), Gary Sanchez (57) and James Kaprielian (87).

Law likes the Yankees system and so do I, again... what a concept!

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