Monday, February 15, 2016

Prospects Month ICYMI: Ten Years of Yankees #1 Prospects

The New York Yankees have seemingly made it their priority to finally build up the farm system for the team's benefit, not the other teams around the league's gain. While New York's system is still ranked in the middle to the end of the pack the team is finally starting to see some usable pieces come out of the system including former top prospect Luis Severino. Severino has graduated from prospect status and one of Gary Sanchez or Aaron Judge will be the 2016 top overall prospect which got me thinking, where are the former and current Yankees top prospects and what have they been up to over the past 10 years?

2015: Luis Severino

Waiting on Opening Day to re-join the Yankees starting rotation for his Sophomore season and his first full season in the Major Leagues.

2014: Gary Sanchez

Likely the team's back up catcher after having a strong 2015 season and an even stronger Arizona Fall League this season.

2013: Mason Williams

On the 40 man roster and made his Major League debut this season. Likely to miss out on the Major Leagues on Opening Day due to the roster crunch but will be one of the first to be called up if/when an outfield injury occurs.

2010 - 2012: Jesus Montero

Traded to the Seattle Mariners for Micahel Pineda and Vicente Campos. Benched, optioned to the minor leagues multiple times, came to camp overweight multiple times, attitude problems reported and apparently he takes offense to being offered a ice cream sandwich on a hot summer day. Brian Cashman win?

2009: Austin Jackson

Part of the trade that brought Curtis Granderson to the Bronx and sent the man they call A Jax to the Tigers. Jackson has since been sent to the Seattle Mariners before hitting free agency this offseason. Jackson is still one of the better defensive center fielders in the game although his bat never fully came around in the majors.

2008: Joba Chamberlain

From one of the best young set-up men in the game to midges to mediocre. Chamberlain has seen time with the Detroit Tigers, the Kansas City Royals and recently signed a minor league deal with the Cleveland Indians. It was Cleveland where he was attacked by the midges. Can you say full circle?

2006 - 2007: Phil Hughes

From hyped prospect to 18 game winner to gopher ball giveaway days at Yankee Stadium. Hughes had a roller coaster ride of a tenure in the Bronx before leaving for Minnesota via free agency. Hughes had a great first season in Minnesota before coming back down to Earth a bit in 2015. Hughes still has that rising fastball and some of the best command in the game. Hughes is an ace, he just wasn't an ace for the Yankees.


  1. You forgot IPK Daniel....
    I remember when IPK, Joba and Hughes first came up. Everyone talked about how great Hughes and Joba were. I said then and again now, IPK had the best stuff and C&C just not for the Beast of the East bunch. His fastball was around 90+/- but, he was good enough for being a long man out of the BP or a starter in the NL. Joba wouldn't or couldn't throw his slider to the inside half of the plate on right-handers and the middle of the plate to lefties. His slider would break outside for a ball to righties most every time and they caught on to it. He had a good curveball but never seemed to trust it. Come to think about it, he never threw inside much at all with his fastball.
    Hughes, well, you had him in a nutshell...had the makings of an Ace even with the Yankees.

    1. I didn't forget, he was never considered a #1 prospect in the Yankees system.

    2. My bad, but in my ignorance I glossed over it because some thought of each one a #1 except after that bad game IPK had and said the truth (when asked) not what the PC cops thought he should have.


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