Wednesday, February 24, 2016

TGP Prospects Month Top 29 Prospects List - #6 Domingo Acevedo

What can be said about a prospect that can throw 100 MPH and has already drawn conclusions to a Dellin Betances at worst and even better at best? Not much that I can think of but that is what I'm hearing out of the Domingo Acevedo camp. Acevedo can throw 100 MPH already in his young career and had his flame throwing on full display this year against advanced talent in the Arizona Fall League. All this at age 22-years old, well 22-years old in March anyway.

Acevedo stands 6'7" and weighs in at 190 lbs. so the comparisons to Betances make sense but it's the stuff that he possesses that truly makes the comparisons an accurate one. Betances was thought to be the next big thing in the Yankees starting rotation but struggled with his command like most big men due at some point in their career's. Betances was moved to the bullpen out of necessity, he was out of minor league options, and he took off with a shortened delivery and repertoire. There is plenty of time for Acevedo to put it all together as a starter but it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if he paired with Betances at the back end of the Yankees bullpen, would it?

In three seasons Acevedo has averaged a 10.0 K/9 and 2.46 ERA with 118 strikeouts in just 106.0 IP.

6. Domingo Acevedo
7. Dustin Fowler
8. Wilkerman Garcia
9. Ian Clarkin
10. Brady Lail
11. Jacob Lindgren
12. Bryan Mitchell
13. Drew Finley
14. Mason Williams
15. Slade Heathcott
16. Abi Avelino
17. Hoy-Jun Park
18. Luis Torrens
19. Cale Coshow
20. Chance Adams
21. Miguel Andujar
22. Jonathan Holder
23. Tyler Wade
24. Nick Rumbelow
25.Jordan Montgomery
26.Trey Amburgey
27. Ben Gamel
28. Austin DeCarr
29. Thairo Estrada
30. James Pazos


  1. Hopefully, he can follow in Dellins' footsteps and come around with another pitch and more Control/Command of his pitches. What a weapon he would be as the "Fourth Horseman" in the BP. I think IF he can get a 2nd workable pitch he could be a starter (as do most).
    As a starter or BP guy he should be a big help to this club next year...maybe this year, but I don't see him up before September. He doses need work!
    But he is my guy...him and Coshow.

  2. Yankees have been aggressive with prospects over the last couple of years but they aren't going to get that aggressive with Acevedo. He pitched much of the year in Staten Island. He's a good two years away if I'm guessing, maybe two-and-a-half.

    1. You think he is that far away, Daniel? I had him down much farther than anyone else on my list of the 30. Just because of his needing a good 2nd pitch and some tweaking with his long arm delivery.
      Maybe you are right, but I can still dream a bit!
      Players such as he and Coshow can be helped by our Pitching Coach (name?) more so than on the farm even in the spring .

    2. If he comes up as a starter than absolutely, he's probably two seasons away in my opinion. He may get there sooner but I'm not sold on it personally.

      As a reliever he gets there much quicker.

    3. True Daniel, I have been torn between his value to the team between being a starter or late inning BP help. From what information I have read he seems better suited as a starter IF he can come up with a very reliable 3rd pitch (slider) if not his value is as a BP pitcher with a good changeup and a fastball with enough movement and speed to get by on, damn a 100 mph fastball that ain't so fast My fastball was better than half of my dreams! LOL

    4. I think they give him every chance to fail as a starter before moving him to the bullpen. That's what they did with Dellin, he was moved to the pen because he was running out of minor league options. The Yankees would rather have him as a reliever than pitching for another team, that decision worked out well but he stayed a starter for a long, long time despite being so wild and ineffective as one.

    5. Sounds reasonable to me, I know they did that with Dellin but, he had more troubles than "Ace" seems to have. Dellin only had a dependable fastball until he developed that half-assed killer slider, whereas "Ace" has a good change-up with a slider a work in progress. So, it may not be very long to master his slider and start kicking butt down on the farm.

    6. I agree Mr. Reed, that's why I said he will be given every opportunity to start. If he runs out of options and time though he may go the same route as Dellin.

    7. True, anyway you cut it, it is a win win for the team.

  3. Daniel, I would like to get your opinion on Cale Coshow. He has a very high 90s fastball and a great slider with a changeup (so-so).
    I would rather have him as a starter and his stuff is good enough for being a starter. The thing is, he is heavier than he should be and may not make it through a full year. If he can't make it through a full year move him to the BP, he could be the fourth "Horseman".
    It is almost like whichever one can make it as a starter the other should go to the BP.

    1. Coshow is a reliever in my opinion. They may try him out as a starter, they have been moving a lot of their relievers to the rotation to see if they can find another Chase Whitley so it's not out of the realm of possibilities, but I like his stuff better as a reliever. His stuff is good either way but I worry about him being stretched out for 200 innings a season since he never has.

    2. I'll buy that Daniel, I just needed someone I trust to kick me in that direction I guess.

  4. If "Ace" makes it to the show (whenever) he Severino, Eovaldi, Tank, Pineda, Kaprielian and Campos(?) would make a very fine starting 7...I put 7 pitchers there because of Tank, Campos and Pinedas' injury history.

    What about the other (a year away) Back of the BP?
    I go with:
    Dellin, Miller, Lindgren, Coshow, Shreve, Rumbelow, Mitchell(swing) and the best of the rest.

    It could be called a, "Hope and a Wish List of that which Will Be!".

    1. There is so much talented pitching in this organization right now it's insane. None of them are blue chips and none of them have to be. Severino never was and a laundry list of others around the league never were. A-OK by me. Just perform.

    2. The same thing I think we have been saying forever on this site. We had to almost (IF possible) yell at one of our commenters for about a year telling him this team can win without stars. Just have above Avg. players at every position on both sides of the ball along with pitchers that are above Avg. also.
      Stars get old and are hard to replace, but very good players work harder to keep their jobs because there is always someone chasing them for the job they have!

    3. I can agree with that Reed. It's my argument for the NFL vs. College Football and it applies here. College teams have something to play for and it shows on the field. The NFL players have their money or have already made their money and sometimes it seems like they are simply going through the motions.

      Going through the motions wins you 85 games or so. Playing with heart and hunger wins you World Series.

  5. This guy will be lethal if he can put it in the strike zone. Otherwise, typical flame thrower.

    1. Ronan welcome...
      Stick around and have some fun Ronan. It is the start of a good year!
      Not that we are going to win it all but, letting the young guys have a chance to fill the holes, when the older guys...just get old and leave for the happy rest home where they all tell tall tails about what once was!

    2. Thanks.

      I'm just glad the Yankees are beginning to develop instead of purchase players. Some of your pitching prospects coming through the system are absolute gems. Will be a really strong next 5+ years if handled properly, which I think they are.

    3. That's great news if fans of other teams and fans outside the organization are recognizing it finally. I've been saying it for years but I get killed on here for whatever reason. Oh well, I love the talent the Yankees are putting together.

    4. Daniel...when was the last time you were butchered here? Only one commenter was adverse to that view, and he is now elsewhere. You have been leading the push for playing the kids instead of buying players.

      Unless it is someone on Twitter!

  6. I have a difference of opinion concerning going out and make a trade that blocks one of our own players a year or so away that could be about as good if not better than the one gotten in a trade.

    I don't buy into the part of; "This guy is a major league player and that other guy is only a prospect, one takes the pro over the prospect every time if the age difference is not too great."!

    This is my opinion of the way it should and will be....
    Take two players Jorge Mateo (20 years old) and Wilkerman Garcia (17 years old) and both play SS (for now). Both are very highly rated and have some great tools, but as with every player, they both have tools that if combined would be awesome one at SS the other at 2nd base. As things stand now, I could see Mateo up here next year for our 2nd baseman. And the next year (2018) Willy will be the SS. If anyone knows anything about them and their talents, you will understand they could possibly end up as the best combination in the league for years to come.
    We could end up with, Bird at 1st, Mateo at 2nd, Castro at 3rd and Willy at SS in 2018...with Refsnyder as the utility player (maybe?).
    We could go even farther and project, Sanchez as our catcher, Ellsbury in left field, Judge in right field and Hicks (@29) in centerfield with McCann as DH.
    I admit I would rather see Mason Williams, Slade Heathcott and Judge in the outfield with Hicks traded and Ellsbury as the 4th outfielder or best yet traded.

    Well, another day of being left on my own with nothing to do except recover and blog (comment)!


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