Friday, July 1, 2016

While We Wait: The Soul of the Game

You ever have that one movie that no matter how many times you see it that it doesn’t get old? You ever have that one movie that no matter what else is on if you see it on TBS or something you have to watch it. Even if it’s not the same edited or shortened down by cable TV? Soul of the Game is that movie for me (among others….. I mean Sandlot is a no-brainer…. come on) so I decided while we wait on the Yankees game to begin I would watch a movie. My “go-to” movie tonight is Soul of the Game so I figured I would share that with you as well while you wait.

If you haven’t seen it the movie covers the time period where Jackie Robinson was breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball. The movie has Jackie in it and Branch Rickey but this movie focuses more on the Negro League struggle, Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson. In the movie you see Jackie trying to earn the respect of Satchel, players being loaned and traded for series just to fill the house with fans, Gibson’s battle with a brain tumor and so much more.

It’s an “oldie but a goodie” so check it out. Enjoy the movie while we wait.


  1. Daniel get this little story about Satchal Paige and Josh Gibson;
    As most everyone knows Satchal was the most well-known Negro League pitcher, called "the best pitcher I ever faced" by Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig...but not the best pitcher in the League he was one of the three best pitchers. Gibson, on the other hand, was one of the best hitters in the league.
    Anyhow the story goes that even though the two of them played on the same team a few years. someone started saying that Gibson could hit Satchel...and truth be told, he did hit him, about 50% of the time.
    Satchel had a big time reputation to uphold so about a week before they were to face each other in another game. "Satch" had the word put out that he was going to walk the bases loaded and strike Josh out on three pitches for the win. Some say, a lot of money changed hands on that day.
    Game on the line last inning, and "Satch" walks over near Josh and tells everyone what he was going to do. He proceeded to walk the bases loaded walks half way to the batters box and tells Josh don't worry Josh...they will all be Fastballs! So to make it come out as a great story "Satch" threw three FB strikes right by Josh Gibson to strike him out!

  2. "Satch" Paige pitched in the ML at the age of 47(?) years old. The last game was with the S.L.Browns, as a stunt. Well what did he do? He pitched three no hit innings (I think it was anyhow).
    The point of this story here is to say, for those that may not believe one can play Sand Lot baseball until in ones 60s. The way I look at it is; Sandlot ball at 60+, is almost as hard as playing in the majors at the age of 47.


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