Friday, July 1, 2016

Imagining Kyle Schwarber in a Yankees Uniform in 2016/2017

The New York Yankees are playing hard to get when it comes to trading one or all of their three-headed monster that they have deemed “No Runs DMC.” D stands for Dellin Betances, M stands for Miller and C stands for Chapman and the Yankees will likely ask the world for any of the three. We already know that to be the case with the Chicago Cubs and their interest in Andrew Miller as the team has informed the Cubs that they would want Kyle Schwarber in return for the lefty set up man in the Bronx. Could you imagine a bat like Schwarber’s hitting inside Yankee Stadium 82 times a season?

Forget the fact that Schwarber has no position to play for a minute and use recent examples of why the Yankees could make this work. They have a 39-year old right fielder with bad knees currently out there coming off the books after the 2016 season, a 41-year old DH coming off the books the season after next, a third baseman who isn’t going to win a Gold Glove or a Silver Slugger any time soon and a wide open position at first base that is dependent on the health of Mark Teixeira’s knee and Greg Bird’s shoulder. The Yankees could find a spot for him if they wanted to and they could hide him defensively, they have done it before and you definitely do it again for a talent liker Schwarber.

The Cubs have said “no” to trading their 23-year old stud but of course a team doesn’t show their best hand right off the bat. It’s still early and the market has yet to really define itself. The tone has not been set and the top guys have not started coming off the board yet making other teams desperate. And the Cubs may stick to their “no” and that’s fine because I’m sure some team will sell a bit of the future for multiple years of Miller and if not, that’s fine too. Keep him. But seriously, can you imagine Schwarber in a Yankees uniform?

Looking at a potential and totally hypothetical 2017 roster with Schwarber in it and a healthy Greg Bird makes me salivate. An outfield of Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardner and Schwarber and the addition of his big bat to the middle of the lineup finally giving the Yankees a true clean-up hitter that could hit 40-50 out of Yankee Stadium is exciting. Make it happen Cashman. Now.  


  1. What do we do with Judge, trade him?
    No! Ok!
    How about some outside the box answer?
    Like, let's see now, oh, I have it...use Kyle as DH and 4th outfielder (right field).

    1. Nah, you trade Gardner and let Schwarber play left field, Judge play right field and Jacoby (or trade Jacoby and keep Gardner but I'm going with the guy who doesn't have a NTC) play center. Hicks stays on the bench.

  2. a DH at 23,so young! But he's terrible against lefties, so I guess would be platooned... Like, batting 0.143 Aye.

  3. Meh.

    Not only is he not a good fielder, and has trouble hitting LHPs, but he's rehabbing from major knee surgery.

    I would hope the Yankees could do better for Miller.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Bryan...
      I didn't know about his knee surgery and not hitting leftys. I don't think he is a good fit, in fact no way do we need another guy that can only DH.

    2. Fine, platoon him with Judge. Trade Hicks and keep Gardner and Jacoby :)


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