Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fantasy Baseball Top 50 for 2017

The USA Today is a publication that I frequent pretty much every day, a publication that I even frequented when I was on my extended break and hiatus from the site and from the world here a few weeks back, because I like what the cast of writers over there brings. They bring opinions, they bring the news, they bring weekly power rankings that we showcase here on the site every Tuesday and they think outside the box more than most I’ve read. One other thing the USA Today brings is some great Fantasy Baseball advice and this week they brought the Top 200 Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings for the 2017. Now while I won’t bring you the entire Top 200 list here on the blog, you can head over to those guys and give them a much deserved click and view or two to see the entire list, I will bring you the Top 50 and the notable Yankees inclusions. Enjoy.

1.    Mike Trout, Angels    OF
2.    Mookie Betts, Red Sox    OF
3.    Jose Altuve, Astros    2B
4.    Paul Goldschmidt, Diamondbacks    1B
5.    Kris Bryant, Cubs    3B/OF
6.    Nolan Arenado, Rockies    3B
7.    Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers    SP
8.    Manny Machado, Orioles    3B/SS
9.    Bryce Harper, Nationals    OF
10.    Josh Donaldson, Blue Jays    3B
11.    Anthony Rizzo, Cubs    1B
12.    Miguel Cabrera, Tigers    1B
13.    Max Scherzer, Nationals    SP
14.    Trea Turner, Nationals    OF/2B
15.    Starling Marte, Pirates    OF
16.    Madison Bumgarner, Giants    SP
17.    Carlos Correa, Astros    SS
18.    Edwin Encarnacion, Indians    1B
19.    Corey Seager, Dodgers    SS
20.    Charlie Blackmon, Rockies    OF
21.    Joey Votto, Reds    1B
22.    Francisco Lindor, Indians    SS
23.    Freddie Freeman, Braves    1B
24.    Robinson Cano, Mariners    2B
25.    Corey Kluber, Indians    SP
26.    Noah Syndergaard, Mets    SP
27.    A.J. Pollock, Diamondbacks    OF
28.    Chris Sale, Red Sox    SP
29.    Jonathan Villar, Brewers    SS/3B
30.    Ryan Braun, Brewers    OF
31.    Daniel Murphy, Nationals    2B/1B
32.    Trevor Story, Rockies    SS
33.    Jon Lester, Cubs    SP
34.    Giancarlo Stanton, Marlins    OF
35.    Xander Bogaerts, Red Sox    SS
36.    Brian Dozier, Twins    2B
37.    Jake Arrieta, Cubs    SP
38.    David Price, Red Sox    SP
39.    Christian Yelich, Marlins    OF
40.    Nelson Cruz, Mariners    OF
41.    Rougned Odor, Rangers    2B
42.    Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies    OF
43.    Dee Gordon, Marlins    2B
44.    George Springer, Astros    OF
45.    Johnny Cueto, Giants    SP
46.    Buster Posey, Giants    C
47.    Justin Verlander, Tigers    SP
48.    Andrew McCutchen, Pirates    OF
49.    Kyle Seager, Mariners    3B
50.    J.D. Martinez, Tigers    OF

62.    Aroldis Chapman, Yankees    RP
81.    Masahiro Tanaka, Yankees    SP
83.    Gary Sanchez, Yankees    C
181.    Dellin Betances, Yankees    RP
194.    Brett Gardner, Yankees    OF
199.    Michael Pineda, Yankees    SP

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