Wednesday, February 22, 2017

So it Seems Life is Getting Busy Again

Yes, but have no fear for I am here for you guys and girls. If’ I’m being honest my life is about to get really, really busy again. This week my son is out of school for his winter break so the grind of dodging school buses and soccer moms in mini vans is done for a week but next week it’s back to it. Also the process of promoting me and having me learn multiple new jobs at the same time has begun at my job which is always a time suck. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited and I’m humbled by the opportunity. Hell I am humbled by what my life is right now if we’re being completely honest. The issue is I do, and if they read this I probably wouldn’t be getting this potential promotion hahaha, most or close to all of my writing at work.

I vow to not disappear again. When I disappeared I had so many distractions, and granted they were all the very best distractions, that it became the new normal to go to work and work. To go home and do what I was doing. Not to write. I fell into a slump and I hit an absolute wall on the writing, writers block should be considered one of those naughty four-letter words in my opinion, but I will not and cannot allow that to happen again. So you may not see five-or-six posts a day on the blog but at the very least you will see me speaking to you every morning just as I am right now.

So look out for it… because it’s coming. Have a great day everyone. 

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  1. What did I tell you a few years ago?
    "Work hard and you may some day be one of the upper management people"!
    Congratulations! Talent, with hard work pays off.


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