Thursday, February 23, 2017

Yankees Tickets & Derek Jeter Night

The New York Yankees will honor their Captain and one of the greatest players and people to ever put on a Yankees uniform on May 14th when the organization and the team hold Derek Jeter Night at Yankee Stadium. I don’t have to own a blog and a Twitter account with nearly 5,000 followers to tell you that this is going to be the biggest ticket to have on that night in all of the state of New York. If you want those tickets you better get them now and if you want them you better be willing and able to dig pretty damn deep into those pockets because the price for that game are skyrocketing.

As of the time of this writing the price for just a bleacher seat will run you anywhere from $140 to $155 each according to the website. Once those seats are gone you can expect that price to rise on the Yankees Ticket Exchange. The grandstand seats are also pushing the $150 mark and prices are up across the board everywhere in the stadium, and for good reason. Jeter was a career-long Yankees player, he helped bring five World Series championships to the Bronx and he will be the last person to ever wear a single digit uniform for New York.

Jeter’s number two jersey will be the 21st number retired in the franchise’s history.

The game will take place against the Houston Astros on May 14th inside historic and majestic Yankee Stadium. Be there as the Yankees honor one of their own and make sure you save some money for those $15 beers and NYY Steak as well. 

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  1. Will we see Uniform #100 in our lifetimes? Very possible at this rate of retiring numbers. LOL! Personally, I'd take "0" to have a single digit!


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