Thursday, February 23, 2017

So it Seems I’m Breaking the Kode

 So it seems like I may be finally breaking this Kode. Yes I know how to spell CODE but Kode is code for code if you know what I mean. You don’t actually and that’s the point of the Kode. Thoroughly confused now? Good.

Really though, after 31 years on this planet I think I may be finally starting to put two-and-two together and I think I may be finally starting to figure this whole “living” thing out. No longer am I simply okay with the “new normal” or whatever you want to call it. I have a taste of the good life now and I am not merely content with going back to the way things were.

Always go forward, never go back or stay the same. If you’re not going forward you need to find out what’s keeping you from going forward, remove that from your life and leave them or it in your dust. Kind of like what the Yankees need to do with Randy Levine and his fat mouth that he has zero issue with running 24/7. Don’t get me started on him again because I could totally rant on him again and again and again.  

The New York Yankees are on their way to cracking the code, you can see evidence of that with youth movement, but they need to really crack the Kode. No more signing the Matt Holliday’s and Chris Carter’s of the league, let the kids have a shot at it. Let the kids flourish and be happy.


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