Thursday, February 23, 2017

Quick Hit: The History Behind the Yankees Historic Logo

Hello again Yankees fans and family, here’s a quick history lesson for you as we close up shop for another night here on The Greedy Pinstripes. The history behind the historic and well-known New York Yankees logo.

What makes the logo so historic? Well it wouldn’t be nearly as historic or well-known if the team wasn’t as successful as it has been throughout their history. As we are set to enter the 2017 season the Yankees have 18 American League East Division (and division titles before there was an American League East) titles under their belts along with 40 American League pennants and a whopping 27 World Series championships. With success on the field comes success off the field as well which is evident by the 44 players from the Yankees and 11 managers who are currently in the Hall of Fame for the team.

The interlocking “NY” has been the Yankees logo since the 1913 season when the team has eight different variations of the logo. The logos were all basically the same with slight variances in each where the bat and ball logo with the word “Yankees” written in cursive has been around since the 1947 season. The bat and ball logo changed once in 1968 and has remained the same ever since.

Uncle Sam’s hat sitting on top of the bat and the strategically placed “K” in Yankees just screams “America’s Team” to me and I wouldn’t change a thing about either logo if I could. Well maybe I’d put a “Brought to you by Daniel Burch and the Greedy Pinstripes” somewhere but that just may be me tooting my own horn. Sue me.

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