Thursday, February 23, 2017

Speaking of Alex Rodriguez… A Gift Bomb… From A Rod

We spoke about Alex Rodriguez and his retirement from Major League Baseball this morning as I asked the question “Why does no one believe Alex that he’s really retired?” Well this evening as many of you are headed home from your jobs, at home preparing meals for your families or simply headed into work to start your day I wanted to bring a little good news to the site and that good news and charity comes from Mr. Rodriguez himself. According to reports the former Yankees third baseman and designated hitter gave the University of Miami a donation and gift in the sum of $500,000 thus establishing the Graduate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Endowed Fund.

The fund, which I will not be typing out ever again so I will shorten it to the GEIE fund…. Because wow the English language doesn’t make it easy on you some days, is designed to support new co-curricular programs for participants in the school’s Miami Executive MBA for Artists and Athletes program.

In recognition for the award the school built a courtyard within the School of Business complex and have name aptly name it the Alex Rodriguez Courtyard. Here’s a direct quote from Alex during the courtyard ceremony that took place on February 17th:

 “As an athlete and an entrepreneur, I am thrilled to help the School of Business create unique initiatives around innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly in the Executive MBA program for artists and athletes,” said Rodriguez. “It’s my hope that these initiatives will encourage athletes and others to explore their own entrepreneurial path outside what they are exposed to in the classroom.”

The fund is designed to help enrich workshops that help young students in the entrepreneurship, negotiation, multinational leadership, family business and wealth management fields. Kudos, Alex. Kudos, indeed. 

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