Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why Does No One Believe Alex Rodriguez is Really Retired?

Man, it’s always something with Alex Rodriguez isn’t it? Even when it’s not something it always finds a way of being something, it’s unreal and it’s insane. Let’s start at the beginning. The New York Yankees essentially bought Alex out of his contract that runs through the 2017 season thus allowing him to retire, or to not if he so chooses, while also giving him a special advisory role with the team. A role that he is currently fulfilling down in Spring Training camp down in Tampa as we speak. Ever since the news broke that this was going to happen the media immediately speculated that Alex not only could, but would, play for another team in 2016. The media also, and almost immediately, began licking their lips as they speculated where Alex would play in 2017 while all the while Rodriguez was claiming that he was retired and his playing days were over. Why does no one believe that?

Alex confirmed, once again, at Yankees camp this week that he has “zero” interest in returning to the field after officially ending his playing career on August 12th in the Bronx. Alex stated that multiple teams had contacted him after the season but he has not so much as taken batting practice all winter long, and doesn’t plan to either.

I know that doesn’t sell papers or gather Twitter followers or even garner clicks on your websites there fellas but Alex called a spade a spade. He’s done, so stop asking about it. Please? Lord, journalism these days really gets under my skin. It’s no longer about presenting the news and it’s become more about who can get the most recognition. It’s sad and it’s ultimately the reason I started getting into this whole writing game.

Guys, he’s done.  Alex is not working out and he no longer wants the circus and media that follows him around during every single second of his life anymore. He’s finally matured and while I know that may be hard for some to realize or accept it seems to be the truth. So in the immortal words of a friend of mine….. Deal with it. 

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