Friday, March 17, 2017

If Dellin Betances is Still Upset in July Prepare to Take My Yankees Fandom Card Because…

I know what I am about to say and I know that this is not going to be a popular article at all so with that said, you have been warned. The New York Yankees and Dellin Betances got into this offseason over the Yankees set up man’s salary and things were said in the media and behind closed doors that should have never been said. Sometimes the player and the organization can look past that, apologize and move forward and sometimes grudges can be held until the player is either traded away or walks away. In no way, shape or form can the Yankees afford to just let Betances walk away for nothing so if the right-hander is still upset in July, and I absolutely cannot believe I am saying this in an open forum, the team should look at trading him before the July 31st trading deadline.

Now obviously a lot goes into this decision. If the Yankees are in contention then you absolutely do not trade Betances and you try to mend the bridges while hoping that time heals all wounds. If that’s not the perfect picture the team is painting in the standings though then it may be and should be time to continue the youth movement with another pillage of a farm system. You wait until July, besides the fact that you are waiting to see if the Yankees have a shot at making the postseason, because opposing teams get desperate before the trading deadline. The pretenders are selling, the contenders are looking to solidify their teams and the clubs stuck in the middle are a little more willing to part with pieces that they wouldn’t have been in March and April of the season. That’s where the Yankees come in pouncing as they rebuild their farm system and organization.

Here is an example that is relevant today but that may not be relevant come July because obviously a lot can happen between now and then. The Washington Nationals are faced with the possibility of having Shawn Kelley, former Yankee reliever himself, closing games for them this season. That just can’t happen if the team plans on challenging the New York Mets for that National League East Division crown and luckily for the Yankees the Nationals have never been shy about trading away from their strong farm system in a “win-now” type move.

Keeping with the theme of what Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman brought the Yankees in midseason trades last season I could totally see New York asking for and receiving, again this is dependent on the standings of both teams, the Nationals prospect and 7th ranked prospect in all of baseball Victor Robles. Maybe, maybe not but at the very least the team could pull off a deal that involved right-handed starter and top 60 prospect Erick Feede plus a few other prospects in the deal. That would still be a win-win for both teams in my opinion.

I hope it doesn’t come down to this, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not one to be caught with my pants around my ankles without a Plan B so here is mine. What’s yours? Let me know in the comments section down below or drop us a tweet on Twitter by following @GreedyStripes. Thank you!


  1. I would prefer to trade Randy Levine. LOL!

  2. This is his first year of arbitration. We have 2 more years- worst case is it goes to arbitration, which I'm certain it will. I understand the value in control, but he doesn't need to be dealt by July. As long as we trade him before he walks, we wouldn't be caught with pants down.


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