Saturday, May 20, 2017

Quick Hit: Facebook Friday Games in MLB

You know how ESPN has their Monday, Wednesday and Sunday night baseball programs every week and you know how that prompted MLB Network to have their showcases on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon? Well Facebook wants to get involved with that so every Friday, starting yesterday, Facebook will live stream one nationally televised game. How freaking awesome is this? Especially for those fans who have moved, displaced or uprooted from where their home team plays their home games 82 times a season.

This week Facebook live streamed the game between the Colorado Rockies and the Cincinnati Reds and will showcase the next 19 Fridays until the end of the season. Twitter also has a feed of a game weekly, which started April 7, that will move to every Tuesday from its former slot on Friday. Competition and all.

The game and the sport as we know it is evolving and I personally think we all have Rob Manfred to thank for that. This stuff just never happened under Bud Selig and probably never would have to be honest.

This is so awesome and I just had to share this morning. Enjoy and I guess my return to Facebook, which I have been off of for over a year now, is probably imminent. Dammit. Welcome back, begrudgingly. 

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