Saturday, May 20, 2017

Quick Hit: Under Armour to Make MLB Jerseys Starting in 2019

For what seems like forever Majestic has made jerseys for Major League Baseball, well it hasn’t been forever but they have been making batting practice jerseys for the sport since 1982 and has made all their jerseys exclusively since 2005 but still, but that is all set to change in 2019. In 2019, a year earlier than expected, under Armour will begin making the batting practice and game uniforms according to the league.

Under Armour will also make dugout clothing for the 2018 postseason before fully taking over the on-field apparel in 2019. Fanatics Inc., who owns Under Armour, purchased the business, the plant in Easton, Pennsylvania and the 600 employees from Majestic back in December.

Not really big news here but it’s kind of a lazy and hot Saturday anyway so I thought why not share. 

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