Wednesday, August 30, 2017

So it Seems… We Took a Long Weekend

Good morning everyone. Call of the search parties, I’m here and I am alive. Work has been absolutely crazy lately as I work in the heating and air conditioning field. I barely had time to write anything for Friday and Saturday, very little for Sunday and Monday and nothing for yesterday. It’s been crazy and so have these games the Yankees have been playing. Taking two-of-three from Seattle was nice but that Friday night game was so winnable, it hurts. Sweeping would have been extremely helpful with Cleveland coming to town, that series ends this afternoon, and the Red Sox series for the weekend. Oh well, the playoffs are in sight and the August 31st trade deadline is tomorrow!

I haven’t done this in what feels like forever. HEY YOU!! I LOVE YOU!!

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  1. Again Sanchez continues to fail in the 2 and 3 slot in the lineup but his at bats in the 5 and 6 slot rake as does Judge.
    He is sitting Judge but Hicks also is in a worse slunp than Judge and Gardy is on his summer swoon last 30 games 1 HR and 5 rbi's while Ellsbury has driven in more than 10 during less time.
    It seems Girardi is determined to miss the playoffs.
    They have available the same stats I can access and for Chapman everyone is showing video and talking about how his arm slot has changed and maybe because of that the hitters are seeing the ball betted.
    Cone and Flarety have talked about it so why hasn't Bloominchild noticed it.It only can take a slight difference to see the ball better.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)