Saturday, September 2, 2017

So it Seems… Enjoy Your Long Weekend But Remember What It’s For

Good morning everyone and welcome to the weekend. Some people don’t consider the weekend actually being the weekend until Saturday since most have to work on Friday so if you’re one of those people then this post is for you. The great news about this weekend is that it is a long weekend for most as the United States celebrates Labor Day on Monday, September 4.

Labor Day was created and is celebrated for the working class hero who goes to work every day and keeps their companies and this country’s economy moving. This is a day to celebrate you. You could work for McDonalds, cut grass for a living, be a CEO of a major company or you could be in the military (because that is one hell of a job and we wouldn’t have this freedom to have holidays without you and your sacrifice and service) and this day is for you. So remember that on Monday, remember what the holiday is for.

I will enjoy the day with my family and my reason for getting up every day and working so hard and I hope that everyone reading this does the same. If you can’t be with family or loved ones I at least wish for you to be doing what makes you happy.

With that said, Happy Saturday! Enjoy your long weekend. Especially you. HEY YOU. I love you. 

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