Thursday, November 14, 2013

This Day In New York Yankees History 11/14

On this day in 2007 Alex Rodriguez the reports started to fly around that Alex Rodriguez was close to a new deal with the New York Yankees somewhere in the neighborhood of $290,000,000. This was confirmed by Alex on his website and by the Steinbrenner family as well. This was done to try and soften Alex's look after the harsh criticism he received from opting out during Game 4 of the 2007 World Series. The rest is history...


  1. Daniel....sir. Just a heads up. No posts have come up on your line-up, since 8:20pm.
    I put up four in a row, a while later...they said published, but they remain on the dark side.
    I may not be the only one.
    Will stand down.

    1. Blogger does that sometimes where you post and poof it just disappears. I have had essays of comments just disappear before. I think I read one time that they do their general maintenance overnight while most people sleep or early in the morning and that is when the server runs into problems.

  2. Let's see if this one works!

    Daniel, You must have a wife that is much too good for you, if she let's you play on the blogs while she is working on producing a baby Boy(?). You must live right, good ladies are hard to come by now days.

    1. I am the most blessed man in the world when it comes to my wife. She allows me to do things that most men probably wouldnt be able to get away with. She knows this is my passion and what I want to do full time one day and she supports me. I love that woman, this blog would not be what it is today without her I don't think.

  3. Daniel...pardon my stutter step, trying to avoid last nights posts in the closet thing.
    My comment.....nice words re: your wife. Could feel the love. Thanks for sharing.
    I met my Anne Marie, when she was 15. Married 43 years, my best friend.
    Lets close. One more post.

    1. I took pity on my wife (to be), she was skating into walls...cute as a button! introduced myself and helped her learn how to skate.
      Now after over 30 years, I wish she could learn how to dance better than she does.
      She threw out my Spanish Dancing shoes...because there was a crack in the leather...Spanish Hand Made Shoes, older than she was.
      We are a good match though; I am Irish (earn $$$$ and spend it)....she is Vietnamese, I call her "The first Vietnamese, Jewish, Hollander in the world"! She still has her 1st dollar ever earned in the USA.

  4. KEN, my Hells Kitchen Ranger :...'White Irish.' Never heard that before. I'll take it any day.
    Two points for you, tonight......sir.
    a)... I e-mailed Ernie last night. Keep fingers crossed. See if he responds.

    b)...Why are you so vindictive, regarding your remarks about brother,.... Twasp ?
    You never really got it....but, he is very fond of you. Maybe he could not express his emotions correctly.
    But, it was obvious from my side of the fence, that he was trying to get along with you.
    You guys posting in notch. The best. I've said it for years. Nurture, your work together !
    I'm not sure where he is. Reports can be inaccurate. No need to throw dirt on the grave.

    To me, he is a special talent. For you, Ken, keep your powder dry......white Irish ?

    1. "White Irish" the kind and understanding Irish.
      "Black Irish" the ones that die young. Running to the nearest trouble they can find. And that's their good points.

      I know how you feel about T-Bug. You have that right, I have mine also! You have shown where your mind set is many problem!
      Part of being a plainer is being able to read things and people...facts only!

  5. Oldest Ranger, on the block............that's me, ' White Irish."
    A heads not know if it will happen, but keep your good eye out for...Ernie.

    1. Great, I liked him, he was the historian on the blog right? The main thing is, he was my 2nd baseman, even with his gimpy knee.

      Ernie, come on down, I think you would like it here...very relaxing!

  6. JOHN....former poster, John....step forward, now is the time. No waiting !
    Twasp...come out of that broom closet, and reengage. You are missed.
    Ken....we need some old ' devil dog ' posters, to join this line. How about Ballpark ? He packed
    a lot of wind. Give him a shout, we could use a good bluster to move things along.

    1. yes I wish there was a way to reach out to John and somehow lure Twasp back into the crowd. Bring them all, let's build this shit .

  7. Daniel...asking your permission to put up remarks, from Ernie in Boston. ( a Yankee fan )
    He speaks briefly about himself, then baseball, then mentions Kenny, and Tommy Twasp.
    They would enjoy.
    Ernie was as good as it can be. You would of enjoyed him. Will wait for your response.

  8. KEN : Gray Irish.......just a heads up. Received a fine e-mail from Ernie. Mentions you, and Tommy Twasp.
    Daniel has given me to OK to post it. Waiting for the go ahead from Ernie. All goes well, it will be
    posted in the ten o'clock hour,... tonight. ( I am at work, therefore no other posting from me today )

    1. What do you do for work Pat? If you dont mind sharing.

    2. Gray Irish? How dar youn call me names like dat dar!
      Be very nice to have Ernie back posting, now...what can you do to get BCD and some of the others?


    "To my friends Patrick, Ken, Ballpark, Twasp, BCD, and any friendly posters from the I-Yankees wishes from Ernie from Boston."

    Hi Patrick....long time no speak. Glad to hear life is treating you and your family well.
    Andover is a lovely town. I have designed a house or two there....I like it very much. Good for your son.

    I haven't even looked at any baseball sites in a long time - maybe a year. This was an eventful year for me. I got married in June to my longtime girlfriend. My daughter started high school in September. I am also extremely busy with work (self-employed architect) - I have about 10-11 projects underway, I'm working 80-hour weeks, and more projects are coming, hopefully. I haven't really had time for much else.

    The Yanks were a train wreck this year....made harder to swallow by the Sox win. I kind of suspected that's how the year would turn out. I don't see much being different next year. Jeter is winding down, Mo and Andy are gone. A-Rod is a joke. Their minor league talent is non-existent. Lots of holes all around, and a management group that has prioritized payroll reduction. I love Cano but think they should let him go or face another A-Rod contract. I think we're going to have a few lean years.

    Please wish Ken and Twasp my best. Posting is something I know I don't have time for these days, but maybe someday.
    Thanks for the note, Patrick. Stay well and best wishes.

    (* My personal thanks to Daniel, for allowing me to put this post up. )

    1. Sad and Happy at the same time!
      Sad Ernie, doesn't have the time to comment on this site.
      Happy he is doing very well, regardless of the old saw, "money can't make one happy"! Money gets the kids into and out of College and the family is comfortable...dat dar is goot!

      Drop us a line sometime Ernie!?! Have a good life!

  10. That's a shame I may never get to chat with a good guy but life comes first, I am a big believer in that.

  11. ERNIE FROM BOSTON : Leaving the door ajar. After posting Ernie's words last night, I sent off
    a closing e-mail to him. I thanked him, and wished him well.......and then I informed him that he is
    now a blogger again, a GPer at that ! His " maybe sometime "... regarding posting is reason enough,
    to give me hope. We shall see. I will be in Boston at years end. Conversation, over some cold beers
    works for me.
    Hope you enjoyed.


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