Thursday, November 14, 2013

And The Alex Rodriguez Saga Continues...

The Bronx is Burning once again and this time instead of the straw that stirs the drink we're talking about the straw that can't stay in the wrapper. We're talking about Alex Rodriguez, who else right, who was caught in the women's rest room doing God knows what with an unnamed brunette. Last I checked, and the above picture was posted not all that long ago by Torri Wilson herself on Twitter, Alex's girlfriend is blonde, not brunette.

Alex was caught in the women's bathroom in the Delano Hotel in Miami blowing off some steam and stress from his one of many lawsuits he has going on. After eating at the UMI Sushi and Sake Bar Saturday night Alex was seen getting "hot and heavy" with the brunette near the elevators in the hotel lobby early Sunday morning according to an unnamed hotel guest. They then disappeared into the women's bathroom for around 20 minutes before being interrupted by another hotel guest.

Alex this is getting beyond ridiculous. You want to screw around on a very hot woman that's your business but come on man, be smart about it. Whatever I could go on for hours about how Alex is not the sharpest crayon on the box but he would just love the attention from it so I'll just end it here.

"Please get suspended in 2014 and please retire."

- signed all Yankees fans (I still forgive you)

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