Saturday, December 7, 2013

Current Projected Lineup (Updated)

After a whirlwind of action this week, the Yankees look very different from last year's projected lineup:

2013 Starting Lineup (as was planned):

1) Jeter - SS
2) Cano - 2B
3) Teixeira - 1B
4) Rodriguez - 3B
5) Granderson - CF
6) Hafner - DH
7) Suzuki - RF
8) Cervelli - C
9) Gardner - LF

Of course that starting lineup ended up looking like this on Opening Day:

1) Gardner - CF
2) Nunez - SS
3) Cano -2B
4) Youkilis - 1B-3B
5) Wells - LF
6) Francisco - DH
7) Suzuki - RF
8) Nix - 3B
9) Cervelli - C

3 of the projected starters were actually on the field at the start of the 2013 season.

Compare the 2013 injury-filled season in which the team went 85-77 (not bad really) with this MONSTER LINEUP that looks nothing like the 2013 edition:

2014 Projected Starting Lineup:

1) Jacoby Ellsbury - CF
2) Derek Jeter - SS
3) Carlos Beltran - RF
4) Alfonso Soriano - DH
5) Brian McCann - C
6) Mark Teixeira - 1B
7) Kelly Johnson - 3B
8) Brandon Phillips - 2B (yeah, I said it!)
9) Brett Gardner - LF

Bench: Nunez, Ryan, Romine, Suzuki, of them won't be here much longer and since they just signed Ryan to an extension it won't be him...

2014 Projected Rotation:


Umm...has anyone else noted that every starter's name would end in an 'A'?  Elias Sports Bureau needs to verify this, but I believe that would be a first for Major League Baseball...

What is your projected starting lineup?

Post in the comment section...


  1. ...or just move Soriano back to 2b and make Nunez the DH...wait a minute...the evil genius Brian Cashman has done it again!

  2. Hello, Bryan Knepper.... Good morning, I'm patrick. Just trying to fill a void, while Daniel is preoccupied.
    I can not project a starting line-up. A whirlwind is around us, as the Yankees reform. But lets try this......

    1) Jacoby Ellsbury - CF......sounds good.
    2) Derek Jeter - SS......sounds good.
    3) Carlos Beltran - RF......sounds good.
    4) Alfonso Soriano - DH......Adam Dunn / Soriano
    5) Brian McCann - C......sounds good.
    6) Mark Teixeira - 1B......fingers crossed, sounds good.
    7) Kelly Johnson - 3B......not sure who, but not Johnson. He will be our Nix.
    8) Brandon Phillips - 2B (yeah, I said it!), never. He has gone south bound. Someone else, please !!!
    9) Brett Gardner - LF......Sorry, and I like Gardner, a lot. But Gardner is a Yankees big trading chip.
    He will add the Yankees a pitcher, 3rd baseman, or second baseman.

    Bryan......lets talk again. Daniel has a new son. I'm just the guy at the door.
    Stay well, take care.

    1. Completely agree with you Patrick. I like Gardner, but since the Yankees are completely overstocked on outfielders right now it seems like either he or Ichiro has to leave. Unfortunetally, Gardner is the younger guy, so he'll be gone. Now the question is. Who do the Yanks trade him to?

    2. Ichiro to the Giants is being discussed I think.

  3. I could be wrong...see my predictions on Cano and Granderson staying among others, but I don't see the Yankees trading Gardner.

    I see Gardner starting in LF and Soriano either filling the DH role or playing 2B...why not? He DID start there prior to Cano for these very Yankees.

    The Phillips thing is more of a running joke. He's not coming here. I get that.

    My real lineup looks like this:

    1) Ellsbury
    2) Jeter
    3) Beltran
    4) Soriano
    5) McCann
    6) Teixeira
    7) Johnson
    8) Nunez
    9) Gardner

    1. I just don't like Nunez in the field...he'd be a decent DH (hits for average), but I'd like to see an upgrade at 3B, which could be Kelly Johnson if the aforementioned Soriano back to 2B happens.

    2. I also don't see the Yankees trading Gardner and I don't see a need in trading Gardner. We did it with five outfielders last year and with the possibility of having three center field types we can rotate everyone in and out with ease and still keep everyone happy.

      I also love that you have Teix hitting 6th because, besides the fact that it agrees with me, it really balances out the lineup. Hitting McCann six gives us too many lefties at the bottom of the order. We all saw how that went last year.

    3. Either way the Yankees are probably gonna have to start Johnson and Soriano. So why start Sori instead of Johnson at 2B? Johnson knows the position, so DH-ing him would be a waste.

    4. Jack...
      Not to mention, Sory was not that good at 2nd base, he was ok (almost) but mainly, just got by and that is why they changed his position.

  4. I can see the Yankees trading Brett, he is the only Major League Player they CAN trade! Everyone else is older or not worth what a trade involving him would bring.

    My hope is, they don't mess with my one two punch, the games will be much more fun to watch if they play Billy Martin ball, with those two guys.

    1. I like having the "speed kills" option as a weapon as well. Imagine the days where our OF is Itchy, Gardner, and Ells.

    2. As the team is talking with the Giants about Itchy, I guess it would be Brett, Ells' and Nunez
      "Speed Kills" was something I said a few times in relation to Brett years ago, and one of the guys has always said it was his.
      Actually, I took it from my college football coach and many others.
      It is the truth, and baseball is a great game to have speed and or quickness! Billy always turned the guys loose on the bases.
      The chances of making a run with speed in the late innings is as good or better than hitting a HR as the team is set-up now!.........My opinion only.

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