Saturday, December 7, 2013

Yankee Fans: The 5 Stages of Grief

I got 99 problems and my love for the New York Yankees is a BIG one. 

Loving The New York Yankees may be a thing we all have in common but it looks different on everyone. My problem? I'm too damn loyal. Most Yankee fans have this problem… I know we say that we support what is on the front of the jersey over what is on the back, but it would be a lie to deny that we all have our own favorite players. When one of our favorite players retires, gets traded, or signs with another team during free agency, it's upsetting/infuriating/depressing. 

I understand that trades happen throughout the entire season, but at least we are able to distract ourselves with games during those times. All we can focus on during off season are the trades.  

Let me be clear… this isn't just about Robinson Cano. It's about Andy, Mo, Grandy… Swisher, Bernie, Posada… It's about loss. It's about change.

I've been told (numerous times) that when we suffer a loss we move through 5 different stages of grief. The first stage is denial, simply because the loss is so hard to imagine. Next is anger, angry with anyone and everything related to the loss. The third stage is the bargaining stage. This is when we try to offer up everything we have… try to find a way to undo the loss. This will ultimately fail and then we enter the depression stage. Once we overcome the sadness, we enter the acceptance stage. This final stage is when we accept that we have done everything we can and we slowly learn to let go and move on.

Yankee Universe is experiencing a LOT of change during this off season. I think we are doing a great job moving through the 5 stages of grief though...






It's been an emotional off season, but it's far from over! The Road to 28 has officially started... 


  1. I'm in stage 4 I think...maybe it's just because the Buckeyes are down 17-10 at the half...

  2. I'm in stage 4 I think...maybe it's because I haven't gotten over Andy Pettitte's retirement... help!

  3. I'm in stage 5....Cano made a big mistake he went to losers and all the greats left Seattle to get rings so Robby you went backwards BYEBYE ..... and he is Greedy no love for the game

    1. His greed definitely got exposed and now the talk of him not wanting to play for Girardi because he wanted to hit in the middle of the order to drive in more runs to build value makes me happy he is gone.

      Don't get me wrong I love Cano, I have his jersey, I realize he makes us better and all that but I am not sad he is gone for that kind of money and years

    2. You think if they wouldn't of signed Girardi he might of stayed? but I agree 10 is way too long we would be in another Arod situation.

    3. No I think he chases the money and the years no matter what ultimately. He didn't like hitting 2nd but with all these acquisitions he would have been right back in the middle of the lineup.

    4. Well now we need to focus on pitching!

    5. Absolutely. I think we are still waiting on Tanaka to be posted before we do much.

  4. My Rant, killing two birds with one to say!
    I have held my shots at Cano because of all the trouble I got into when I was pointing out Jeter was not nearly the best SS in the AL for even half the years he has played for the Yankees, in fact he was only the 3rd best for a long time! And being one of 20 players to hit over 3,000 hits is not a ticket to the HoF, oh, he will make it but as with many others...what has he done to be in the HoF?

    You guys are really surprised that Cano left for more money, years and being the MAN of a team? How many times did we see him show-up a lesser player at SS this year, how many times have we seen him break it down going to 1st when he thought he was going to be out but, if he had run it out he would have been safe? How many times have we seen him take his time throwing to 1st, making the 1st baseman stretch for what should have been a snap play.
    Bitching about his place in the order is childish and showing his true ego as did Sory when they moved him to the out field.
    All players of star quality have big egos but, most of them don't worry about the small stuff, they are very confident in their ability and let others say how great they are! There is a fine line between being egotistical and having a big ego.
    Remember all the stories about A-Rod having a BIG, BIG ego? Of all the star players of the last 20 years, he is the only one that has never bitched about being moved around (in the order) for the whole world to see.
    The bottom line is, the Yankees are about winning "AS A TEAM", not one individual is responsible for the WS wins! The walk off HR that wins the game with a man on and two outs, was there to be made because someone was on base and what about the other runs made by team mates to be only one run behind? Some fans and players forget that there is "NO I in team"!
    Cano seems to have forgotten that!
    Therefor, his being gone will not make the team, nor will it break the team! We will miss him, even so!

    1. We will miss him for sure but this will only put us one step closer to being more like the 1998 Yankees and less like the 2008 Yankees.

  5. My rant, I sometimes (always) look for the weakness in any training. Sorry about running down Cano, I just get tired of so many fans thinking they lost the greatest player in the world. He is very good but, not the team, I worry about the team, more than one player!
    He helped us more than he may even know, he and A-Rod. We now have money baby, use it baby!


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