Saturday, February 1, 2014

Donkey Fantasy Projections: Brian McCann

Brian McCann, Catcher

Admit it, you drooled over Jesus Montero and the thought that he could be the Yankee backstop for years to come? How about future catcher Gary Sanchez? Yes, it seems like the Yankees always have catching "prospects" but it also seems like we are waiting, constantly waiting.

Well, this year the bank has been literally broken and the Yankees went back to plan G, as in "George". They signed checks and one of those big checks went to Brian McCann. 

Courtesy: NYDailyNews

It's easy to say from a fantasy perspective that McCann will regress with playing in New York. The history behind former all stars that sign with the Yankees in their later years isn't exactly pristine. 

Add that with Brian's regression over the past five years and it scares you a bit. Although, is it that bad? He has consistently put up 20 home runs a year and his RBIs have not dropped below last years total of 57. He could repeat last years production (.256, 20hr, 57RBI) and most Yankee fans would be thrilled!

But he won't.

I see an increase in every category for three very important reasons. 

1.The ball park- Yankee stadium is easily the best park for Brian. He will easily hit 25 home runs with the only legal PED in baseball, Yankee Stadium. (See also Russel Martin)

2. The line up- Let's be real here, if you can hit 20 hrs with the Upton brothers for protection, anyone in the middle of the Yankees order should add to that total.

3. Heart- They are comparing this guy to Paul Oneill with comparable heart and passion for the game. I don't see him crumbling in the Bronx, I see him thriving.

It's hard not to project a big year out of McCann but I will keep it somewhat conservative:

AVG .265, OBP .350, HRs 25, RBIs 75, RUNs 70
(All projections are based on stat compilation, research and a slight tinge of Yankee bias. Although, remember before you disagree, your taking advice from someone nicknamed Donkey. Good luck with that!)


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)