Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Alfonso Soriano Is Taking Ground Balls At First Base

Alfonso Soriano is a Yankee, he bleeds pinstripes, and he loves this game of baseball. Soriano loves the game so much he is preparing to play anywhere and everywhere this season just to get into the lineup. Soriano is prepared to DH for the majority of the 2014 season but has also been shagging fly balls in both left field and right field as well as taking ground balls at first base. Soriano expected to as he brought a first basemen's glove with him to camp, obviously this was his idea and not the Yankees. He could be a valuable backup for Mark Teixeira if the wrist is not as healed as he would like us all to believe.

You have to love Soriano and his dedication to the game, to the team, and to winning. I look forward to seeing many more finger points this season, even at first base.


  1. Well Daniel...
    It looks like we have a few players that will do anything it takes to get into the game and not let their EGO override their common of the game! I haven't heard that from many players in a long time.
    That type of player is the kind we should embrace and wish them luck and good health!

  2. Absolutely. Something about playing for the Yankees and around all this talent that brings that out in a player

  3. I hope he does well at 1b, because I'm not wild about our depth behind Texiara. Not much resembling major league talent so far.

    1. Russ Canzler has a shot but I agree, Kelly Johnson being the back up first basemen doesn't make me sleep better at night.

    2. Well, one thing we do know about Sory is, he is a good athlete, this should help him somewhat. Also, because he brought his own glove with him to camp...I would bet he has worked out as a 1st baseman in the off season. Therefore, he has an idea what is going on at 1st and thinks he would be ok there.
      If he can do a decent job a 1st, fine with me. He can sure out hit anyone else we have!

    3. Absolutely. I love having so many interchangeable parts here.


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