Monday, April 14, 2014

Quick Hit: The First Off Day Of The Season

After the Yankees finished what is always a mentally and physically grueling four game set with the Boston Red Sox last week and into the weekend New York has their first off day of the year. The Bronx Bombers started the season playing in 13 games in the first 13 days of their season and finally get a day to clear their heads and rest their bodies. Off days can be especially important for an older team like New York to keep everyone fresh and healthy and it means we're one day closer to getting back Mark Teixeira and David Robertson off the DL without having to worry about their production on the field. Enjoy the day off Yankees players and Yankees fans alike, it's well deserved on both ends.


  1. Well that had to be the most brutal opening schedule I've ever seen. And while it closed on a great note, (taking 3 of 4 from Boston always feels good) it certainly came with a price. Replacing Cervelli with Romine is an easy call, as is dropping back to 12 pitchers. But how do we make room on the 40 man for some infield depth? Sizemore is the obvious choice to add, but is Flores going to be dfa'd, or can we move Ryan to the 60 day now?

  2. I think in the end Flores gets DFA'd and is left with a choice to go back to AAA or not. I cannot see him getting claimed on waivers. He is a light hitting speedy outfielder, easily replaced in the organization.

    We could 60 day DL Ryan but that only helps now, Flores gets DFA'd later anyway barring anymore catastrophic injuries. May as well do it now in my opinion.

    I agree with DFA of Flores, sending Shane Greene down who is rotting in the bullpen anyway, bringing up Romine/Murphy and waiting for the likes of Teixeira and Robertson to get healthy.

  3. I also believe it will be Flores, although it is a shame to lose a guy playing very good defense and a .360 OBP. He just is no good, against lefties. We have many OF players that show better all-around numbers than does he!
    Hope letting him go, gives him a chance to hook up with another team that may need him as a left handed Platoon player...if someone takes him!

  4. Cervelli has a Grade II strain of his hamstring. He will be 60 day DL's for Scott Sizemore. Write it down.


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